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Chapter1 Introduction; Introduction To The Bluetooth Ce Bus Phone Dongle; Package Content - Motorola Bluetooth CE Bus PhoneDongle User Manual

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Introduction To The Bluetooth CE Bus Phone
Your newly purchase product is a Bluetooth-enabled phone dongle that attaches to compatible
non-Bluetooth CE Bus connector mobile phones to enable Bluetooth wireless connection,
referred to "Arachnid" in this document. Snap the Arachnid to compatible non-Bluetooth
mobile phones can create a wireless connection to a Bluetooth hands free headset as long as
they adhere to the Bluetooth 1.1 specifications and support either the headset or hands free
Bluetooth profiles. Just plug Arachnid into your phone and you are free to move up to 10
meters away from your phone. It doesn't matter that your phone doesn't have Bluetooth
capacity. Arachnid requires no battery of its own but receives power from the mobile phone's
battery through the CE Bus connector.
Arachnid also provides Dial-up Networking and Serial Port Connection between the phone and
a Bluetooth USB Dongle installed on desktop or laptop. The Bluetooth USB dongle on the PC
will control all commands sent to the Arachnid and the Arachnid will be responsible for routing
these commands to the phone.

Package Content

Open the box and remove all items, please make sure that you have received the following
Bluetooth CE Bus Dongle Package Content
Bluetooth CE Bus Phone Dongle (Arachnid)
Quick Installation Guide
If any item is found missing or damaged, please contact your local reseller for replacement.



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