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Dun (Dial-Up Networking) Service - Motorola Bluetooth CE Bus PhoneDongle User Manual

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1. Turn on your headset by pressing ON/Answer button on your headset to make the
headset enter the "discoverable" mode.
2. Press and hold the M logo (Pairing button) of Arachnid for 6 to 10 seconds and the two
blue LEDs light up, and then release the pairing button. The Arachnid is in "discoverable"
mode. The Arachnid is configured to pair with default passkey "0000" and "1234" products.
When the pairing is completed, the two Blue LEDs on the Arachnid will flash rapidly 10
times simultaneously.
3. Click the ON/Answer button on the Bluetooth headset will open the audio link with the
Arachnid and will enable the mobile phone to show the last dial number. Please refer to
your Bluetooth headset user's manual for more details on operating this product.

3.3 DUN (Dial-up Networking) Service

You have to pair Bluetooth devices to establish the connection between them. Before the
pairing, the Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone must be in detectable mode. The example
illustrated here is the pairing procedure between a Bluetooth-enabled PC using Widcomm
Bluetooth software and a cellular phone attached with the Arachnid and has applied the GPRS
function. After the pairing process is complete, your Bluetooth-enabled PC can access the
Internet through your Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone.
Steps 1 – Pairing
Press and release the M logo (Pairing button) of the Arachnid and your
Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone will be in "discoverable" mode. The two LEDs of
Arachnid flash blue light alternatively.
Double click the Bluetooth icon
From the Bluetooth Explorer, click Bluetooth menu and select Search for devices.
The Bluetooth devices in range should be shown on the right pane. In this example, the
Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone – Motorola Arachnid is displayed on the right pane.
resides on the Windows system tray.



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