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Chapter3 Applications; Serial Port Service - Motorola Bluetooth CE Bus PhoneDongle User Manual

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Arachnid provides the Bluetooth Audio Gateway profile, DUN (Dial-up Networking) profile and
SPP (Serial Port Profile). These profiles can support both data and audio link. The following
sections will illustrate how to use these profiles to build the wireless connection between two
Bluetooth-enabled devices.

3.1 Serial Port Service

This serial port service can be used by applications as though a physical serial cable
connected the devices. Prior to using the Arachnid's Bluetooth service, the PC side should
have the Bluetooth USB Dongle (adapter) and Bluetooth software properly installed. The PC
side Bluetooth software illustrated here is Widcomm Bluetooth software. For other Bluetooth
software, the process may vary, please refer to your Bluetooth software user's manual.
To establish a Bluetooth serial port connection between two Bluetooth-enabled devices:
1. Press the M logo (pairing button) of Arachnid once and the device will be in "discoverable"
mode. The Bluetooth-enabled PC can find Arachnid and pair with it. The two LEDs of
Arachnid flash blue light alternatively.
2. From PC side, double-click My Bluetooth Places on Windows desktop. From Bluetooth
menu, click Search For Devices and the found Bluetooth devices will be shown on the
right pane. You can see Motorola Arachnid is in the list.



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