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Voice Gateway Service - Motorola Bluetooth CE Bus PhoneDongle User Manual

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6. You can find there are two green arrows added on the Serial Port On Motorola Arachnid
indicating the connection is active. After the serial port connection is
successfully built, you can do information synchronization or data link between these two
connected Bluetooth devices. For example, transferring a song or address book from PC
side to the mobile phone wirelessly.

3.2 Voice Gateway Service

The voice gateway service allows Arachnid to build a wireless connection with Bluetooth
headsets adhered to Bluetooth hands free or headset profile 1.1 specifications.
Pairing the Bluetooth headset and the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone first. Pairing allows the
Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone recognize each other when they connect. Once you
have paired these two devices, you don't have to pair them again, unless you want it to pair
with another device. Usually, there will be an ON/Answer button on the Bluetooth headset.
You may refer to your headset user's guide for more details on how to pair and use your
headset with other Bluetooth devices.



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