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Engine Oil; Engine Cylinder - Honda BF4A Owner's Manual

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8. After the fuel has drained from the
carburetor, tighten the drain screw
9. Reconnect the drain tube to the air
guide and the engine under cover.
10.Close the internal fuel tank vent
by turning the vent knob
clockwise all the way (p. 21).
11.Turn the fuel valve lever to the
OFF position (BF4A) or portable
fuel tank position (BF5D and
BF6A) (p. 19).
12.If you need to store fuel in the fuel
tank, you can extend fuel storage
life by filling the fuel tank with
fresh gasoline and adding Honda
Marine fuel stabilizer or
equivalent following the directions
on the container (p. 82).
Store the portable fuel tank in a cool
dry place out of direct sunlight.
(When using the internal fuel
When starting the engine after
draining the gasoline, prime the
carburetor with gasoline (p. 35).

Engine Oil

Change the engine oil (p. 63).

Engine Cylinder

1. Remove the spark plug (p. 68), and
remove the emergency stop switch
clip from the emergency stop switch.
2. Pour 1 – 2 teaspoons (5 – 10 cm
clean engine oil into the cylinder.
3. Pull the starter grip several times to
distribute the oil in the cylinder.
When cranking the engine with an open
ignition circuit (spark plug removed
from the ignition circuit), remove the
emergency stop switch clip from the
emergency stop switch to prevent
possible damage to the ignition system.
4. Reinstall the spark plug and
connect the spark plug cap (p. 69).
5. Install the engine cover (p. 61), and
lock it in place by locking the
engine cover latch.
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