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Honda BF4A Owner's Manual page 103

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Problems That May Affect
If you are aware of any of the
following symptoms, have your
engine inspected and repaired by your
servicing dealer.
• Hard starting or stalling after
• Rough idle.
• Misfiring or backfiring under load.
• Afterburning (backf iring).
• Black exhaust smoke or high fuel
Replacement Parts
The emission control systems on your
Honda engine were designed, built,
and certif ied to conform with EPA
and California emission regulations.
We recommend the use of Honda
Genuine parts whenever you have
maintenance done. These
original-design replacement parts are
manufactured to the same standards
as the original parts, so you can be
confident of their performance. The
use of replacement parts that are not
of the original design and quality may
impair the effectiveness of your
emission control system.
A manufacturer of an aftermarket part
assumes the responsibility that the
part will not adversely affect
emission performance. The
manufacturer or rebuilder of the part
must certify that use of the part will
not result in a failure of the engine to
comply with emission regulations.
Follow the maintenance schedule on
(p. 59 and 60). Remember that this
schedule is based on the assumption
that your machine will be used for its
designed purpose. Sustained
high-load operation, or use in unusual
conditions, will require more frequent



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