Troubleshooting - Zanussi ZPC31411AF User Manual

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If you experience any problems with your pressure cooker, you should turn off the heat
immediately and take the cooker to a level surface and shower the cooker with cold water slowly
to reduce the temperature and the pressure. Find and solve the problem with the table below:
Steam comes out from the
underside of the lid.
Lid won't fix properly.
Steam and liquid leaks
from the safety valve
When cooking, the
sealing ring is suddenly
forced out from the
decompression window
and steam drains out.
Sealing ring is dirty.
Sealing ring may have signs
of wear and tear.
Possible damaged lid.
The pressure limiting valve
of inside pipe is obstructed.
The safety function of the
safety valve is working. The
release hole of pressure-
limiting valve is blocked.
The safety valve has lost its
The safety function of the
sealing ring is working.
Maybe other device has
lost its function.
The sealing ring is aged and
has lost its function.
Clean the sealing ring,
cooker edge and lid.
Change the sealing ring.
Change the lid.
Take the cooker away
from the heat and dredge
the release hole. After
it is cool, take down the
pressure-limiting valve
and clean the hole of
pressure-limiting valve.
Change valve.
Take the cooker away
from the heat. After it is
cool, clean and check
all the safety devices.
Change the ones which
have lost their function.
Change the sealing ring.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents