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22. Don't point the decompression window
toward the user or toward the area where
persons often walk.
23. If steam comes out from the safety valve,
or the sealing ring is squeezed out from
the decompression window, the power
should be turned off immediately. The
problem must be found and solved before
using again.
24. Be very careful when moving the cooker
under pressure; carry it horizontally and
put down gently.
25. Never open the cooker when there is pres-
sure inside. This is incredibly dangerous
and could result in burning. Do not use the
pressure cooker if you realise a fault.
26. Do not store salt, soy sauce, alkali, sugar,
vinegar, or steam water inside the cooker
for a long time. Clean and dry it every time
after using.
27. Do not boil water off or use for dry heating.
Do not use for frying or baking food.
28. Allowed volume of food inside the pres-
sure cooker is:
- Less than 1/4 of the cooker height for ex-
pansive food such as rice, bean, etc. (Fig. 3)
- Less than 2/3 of the cooker height for
non-expansive food such as meat, vegeta-
bles, etc. (Fig. 4)
Fig. 3
29. Do not tamper with any of the safety sys-
tems beyond the maintenance instructions
specified in the intructions for use.
30. It is strongly prohibited to put anything on
the pressure-limiting valve (Fig. 5).
Fig. 4
Fig. 5


Table of Contents

Table of Contents