Questions And Answers - Zanussi ZPC31411AF User Manual

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1. Q: How does the Zanussi Pressure Cooker
A: Heating the cooker with high heat till
steam sprays out from pressure-limiting
valve. Change the heat from strong to gentle
when steam starts to spray out from pres-
sure-limiting valve. Let the pressure inside
the cooker reduce naturally. Too high heat
will make water over-evaporate and caused
the food to burn inside the cooker.
2. Q: It's my first time of using a pressure cook-
er, what do I do?
A: Check if the cooking time is controlled
Check if the pressure-limiting valve is placed
Check if the heat is not too strong or too
Check if the volume of water is correct.
Check if the pressure is correct or not. (Is
there any steam spraying out from pres-
sure-limiting valve or not?)
3. Q: What is heating time?
A: Time begins when steam starts spraying
out from pressure-limiting valve.
4. Q: Does different material need different
heating time?
A: The maximum volume of the food to be
cooked is below 2/3 of the depth of the
cooker. Beans are below 1/4. Cooking
material has nothing to do with cooking
time. Likewise, the volume of the cooker has
nothing to do with cooking time.
5. Q: Why does the rice turn grey?
A: Cooking under high temperature and high
pressure, the amino acid and saccharides
are decomposed by the heat. Thus, foods
containing rich protein and carbohydrates
may change color to grey. But it is harmless
and the taste will not change.
6. Q: After heating, soya-bean milk mixed with
sugar sprays out from the safety valve?
A: When heating, liquid food mixed with
thick sugar will spray out from the safety
valve because of the high pressure steam
inside the cooker. When cooking this kind
of food, don't cook with pressure on, which
means don't turn the pressure-limiting valve
on.(A little time to be enough)
7. Q: What to do in case cooker is 'burnt-dry'?
A: Turn off the heat immediately, take the
cooker away from the heat and let it cool
naturally. Don't pour water onto the cooker.
8. Q: What do I do if I noticed a fault with my
pressure cooker?
A: Any abnormality with your pressure
cooker should not be ignored. If you think
something is not right, remove the pressure
cooker from its heat source


Table of Contents

Table of Contents