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Please keep this 'User Manual' at
hand for future reference.


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  • Page 1 Please keep this ‘User Manual’ at hand for future reference. ZPC31411AF...
  • Page 3 CONTENTS • Structure drawing and specifications • Important safety precautions • Safe product operation • Special symbols • How to use • Trouble shooting • Maintenance • Questions and answers • Steps and times for cooking • Guarantee This series of products are designed and made according to European standard EN12778, EN12893-1 www.zanussicookware.co.uk...
  • Page 4 4. Decompression window 5. Clamp 6. Steam-releasing pipe 7. Safety valve 8. Face plate 9. Pressure indicator 10. Opening knob 11. Pressure-limiting valve Fig. 1 Specifications of ZANUSSI stainless steel Pressure Cooker Model ZPA31411AF ZPC31411AF ZPD41411AF Diameter 22cm 22cm 24 см...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Precautions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 15. Use only matching spare parts provided by the manufacturer; use body and lid as per manufacturer’s indicator direction. 16. Always keep this manual for future refer- ence; keep it close to hand. 17. The pressure cooker is designed for household use and must not be used for any other purposes.
  • Page 6 22. Don’t point the decompression window toward the user or toward the area where persons often walk. 23. If steam comes out from the safety valve, or the sealing ring is squeezed out from the decompression window, the power should be turned off immediately. The problem must be found and solved before using again.
  • Page 7: Special Symbols

    SAFE PRODUCT OPERATION For easy use of our products, we designed and equipped the cooker with multi-device for safety. The locking system of the valve ensures that the lid is closed properly as well as safely. - The three kinds of pressure-releasing device ensures safe use.
  • Page 8 2. Close the lid. 1) Natural cooling. When heating time is up, turn off the heat and leave it for a while, Close the lid as illustrated on pictures A and B waiting for the pressure to reduce. When (Fig. 8). the pressure indicator falls, the cooking is Before turning the knob, please press the knob over.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING If you experience any problems with your pressure cooker, you should turn off the heat immediately and take the cooker to a level surface and shower the cooker with cold water slowly to reduce the temperature and the pressure. Find and solve the problem with the table below: Problem Reason Solution...
  • Page 10: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Please clean the pressure cooker, add water and heat half an hour before first use, to elimi- nate odor. 1. Maintenance of the cooker: 1) Clean away the dirt. 2) Then wipe off the water and keep the cooker dry. Fig.11 3) Don’t scrape the cooker surface with hard materials such as metal to avoid abrasion.
  • Page 11: Questions And Answers

    QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. Q: How does the Zanussi Pressure Cooker material has nothing to do with cooking work? time. Likewise, the volume of the cooker has nothing to do with cooking time. A: Heating the cooker with high heat till steam sprays out from pressure-limiting 5.
  • Page 12: Steps And Times For Cooking

    STEPS AND TIMES FOR COOKING Type of food Maximum Cooking duartion* Status of the Notes level (mins) food once cooked Cut into Beef 15-20 Very mushy pieces Meat and bone Cut into Chop 8-12 are separated pieces Meat and bone Pig elbow 15-20 Cross-cutting...
  • Page 13 (1-2 years) and are not covered under • Any defects relating to the performance of the the guarantee. pressure cooker 3. Any faults with your Zanussi Pressure • Any premature defect of the metal body and Cooker must be reported to your original place base of purchase.
  • Page 14 ZANUSSI is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux (publ). Sweden. FOCUS INDUSTRIES O/B FORTUNE TECHNOLOGY LTD. Units 5 & 6, 20th Fl., Multifield Plaza, No. 3 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong ZANUSSI Kitchenware is imported and distributed exclusively within the UK and Ireland, by Astroluxe Limited, Selly Oak Industrial Estate, Birmingham, B29 6LR www.zanussicookware.co.uk...

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