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2. Close the lid.
Close the lid as illustrated on pictures A and B
(Fig. 8).
Before turning the knob, please press the knob
Please make sure the lid is completely closed
before use.
3. Adjust working pressure.
4. Heating
In order to raise the temperature quickly, heat
with high heat until the safety valve begins to
work. Take care not to use higher heat than if
necessary. It is normal for a little steam to seep
from the safety valve after heating for a while.
There should be no steam seeps after the safe-
ty valve rises and the cooker works normally.
When the safety valve rises and steam comes
out continuously and give off "squeak, " heat
should be lowered, at the same time allowing
the safety valve to release and starting to count
heating time.
5. Turn off heat, release pressure completely
and then open the lid.
There are two ways to open after cooking:
Fig. 8
1) Natural cooling. When heating time is up,
turn off the heat and leave it for a while,
waiting for the pressure to reduce. When
the pressure indicator falls, the cooking is
over. Turn the knob and then take off the
• Never open the lid if the pressure indi-
cator doesn't fall.
• After finishing cooking, please wear
gloves when opening the lid to avoid
burns from escaping steam/liquid.
• Never open the lid till the pressure-limit-
ing valve falls.
• When cooking pasty (doughy) food
such as porridge, gently shake the
cooker slightly before opening the lid to
avoid food ejection.
2) Cooling down quickly. If you need it cooled
down quickly, put the cooker on a level
surface and slowly shower the cooker with
cold water till the pressure-limiting valve
falls (Fig.9, opening the lid is the same as
above). Avoid water flowing into the cook-
er through the pressure-limiting valve.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents