Maintenance - Zanussi ZPC31411AF User Manual

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Please clean the pressure cooker, add water
and heat half an hour before first use, to elimi-
nate odor.
1. Maintenance of the cooker:
1) Clean away the dirt.
2) Then wipe off the water and keep the
cooker dry.
3) Don't scrape the cooker surface with hard
materials such as metal to avoid abrasion.
4) Don't touch the cooker with other kinds of
metal to avoid of chemical corrosion.
5) Don't store food inside the cooker for long
periods of time.
2. Maintenance of the sealing ring(Fig.10)
1) Remove the sealing ring from the lid.
Clean away the dirt from the ring and the
lid with hot water or detergent.
2) Wipe off the water and dry straight away
to prevent rust.
3) Put the sealing ring back on the lid.
4) It's advised you replace the sealing ring
every 1-2 years - immediately if there is
obvious signs of wear and tear/damage.
3. Maintenance of the safety valve, and the
steam-releasing pipe both belong to pres-
sure-limiting valve operation parts.
Check the steam-releasing pipe and the
safety valve. If either is blocked, clean it
and then wash and rinse the pipe with
Special dismantling as follows: (Fig.11)
1) Steam-releasing pipe: Take out the
pressure valve by hand and clean it as
illustrated on Fig.12.
2) The safety valve: Wash it as illustrated
on Fig. 13
Caution: Do not lose small parts such as
pressure-limiting valve. There is no problem if
the color of the small sealing ring changed. It
is suggested to change the sealing ring once
every 1-2 years according the usage frequen-
cy. But it must be changed immediately if
there is any damage or shape change. Please
contact your dealer or the sales department of
our company for replacement parts. Never use
Storing: Put the body and lid separately in a
cool place.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents