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Pioneer WAS Series Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual
Read this manual carefully before installing
or operating your new air conditioning
unit. Make sure to save this manual for
future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Pioneer WAS Series

  • Page 1 SPLIT-TYPE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Owner’s Manual WAS and WYS SERIES INVERTER SPLIT SYSTEMS COOLING ONLY / HEAT PUMP CS78421-548-754 IMPORTANT NOTE: Read this manual carefully before installing or operating your new air conditioning unit. Make sure to save this manual for future reference.
  • Page 2 Table of Contents Owner’s Manual Safety Precautions ..........04 Unit Specifications and Features ..06 SAFETY FIRST Manual Operation (Without Remote) ........11...
  • Page 3 Care and Maintenance ..............Troubleshooting ................... 14 European Disposal Guidelines ..........18...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Read Safety Precautions Before Installation Incorrect installation due to ignoring instructions can cause serious damage or injury. The seriousness of potential damage or injuries is classified as either a WARNING or CAUTION. This symbol indicates that ignoring instructions may cause death or serious injury.
  • Page 5 ELECTRICAL WARNINGS • Only use the specified power cord. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or certified service agent. • Keep power plug clean. Remove any dust or grime that accumulates on or around the plug. Dirty plugs can cause re or electric shock.
  • Page 6: Unit Parts

    Unit Speci cations and Features Unit Parts Power Cable (Some Units Front Panel Louver Remote Control Functional Filter (On Front of Main Filter - Some Units) Remote Holder (Some Units) Display window “ ” for 3 seconds when: • TIMER ON is set •...
  • Page 7 Achieving Optimal Performance Optimal performance for the COOL, HEAT, and DRY modes can be achieved in the following temperature ranges. When your air conditioner is used outside of these ranges, certain safety protection features will activate and cause the unit to perform less than optimally. Inverter Split Type FOR UNITS WITH COOL mode...
  • Page 8: Other Features

    • Wi-Fi Control (some units) For a detailed explanation of each function, Wi-Fi control allows you to control your air refer to the Remote Control Manual. conditioner using your mobile phone and a Wi-Fi connection. Other Features • Louver Angle Memory(some units) •...
  • Page 9 • Setting Angle of Air Flow Setting vertical angle of air ow While the unit is on, use the SWING /DIRECT button to set the direction (vertical angle) of airflow. 1. Press the SWING /DIRECT button once to activate the louver. Each time you press the button, it will adjust the louver by 6°.
  • Page 10: Sleep Operation

    • Sleep Operation The SLEEP function is used to decrease energy use while you sleep (and don’t need the same temperature settings to stay comfortable). This function can only be activated via remote control. Press the SLEEP button when you are ready to go to sleep.
  • Page 11 Manual Operation (Without Remote) How to operate your unit without CAUTION the remote control The manual button is intended for testing In the event that your remote control fails to purposes and emergency operation only. Please work, your unit can be operated manually with do not use this function unless the remote is the MANUAL CONTROL button located on lost and it is absolutely necessary.
  • Page 12: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance 6. Rinse the lter with fresh water, then shake Cleaning Your Indoor Unit o excess water. BEFORE CLEANING OR 7. Dry it in a cool, dry place, and refrain from MAINTENANCE exposing it to direct sunlight. 8. When dry, re-clip the air freshening lter to ALWAYS TURN OFF YOUR AIR CONDITIONER SYSTEM AND DISCONNECT ITS POWER SUPPLY the larger lter, then slide it back into the...
  • Page 13 Maintenance – CAUTION Long Periods of Non-Use • Before changing the lter or cleaning, If you plan not to use your air conditioner for an turn o the unit and disconnect its power extended period of time, do the following: supply.
  • Page 14 Troubleshooting S AFETY PRECAUTIONS If ANY of the following conditions occurs, turn o your unit immediately! • The power cord is damaged or abnormally warm • You smell a burning odor • The unit emits loud or abnormal sounds • A power fuse blows or the circuit breaker frequently trips •...
  • Page 15 Issue Possible Causes A rushing air sound may occur when the louver resets its position. The indoor unit makes noises A squeaking sound may occur after running the unit in HEAT mode due to expansion and contraction of the unit’ s plastic parts.
  • Page 16 Troubleshooting When troubles occur, please check the following points before contacting a repair company. Problem Possible Causes Solution Temperature setting may be higher than ambient Lower the temperature setting room temperature The heat exchanger on the indoor or outdoor unit is Clean the a ected heat exchanger dirty Remove the filter and clean it...
  • Page 17 Problem Possible Causes Solution Wait for the power to be Power failure restored The power is turned o Turn on the power The fuse is burned out Replace the fuse The unit is not working Remote control batteries are Replace batteries dead The Unit’...
  • Page 18 European Disposal Guidelines This appliance contains refrigerant and other potentially hazardous materials. When disposing of this appliance, the law requires special collection and treatment. Do not dispose of this product as household waste or unsorted municipal waste. When disposing of this appliance, you have the following options: •...
  • Page 19 The design and speci cations are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement. Consult with the sales agency or manufacturer for details. CS368U-AB 16122000002334 20150820 For accessories, parts, service, please contact Parker Davis HVAC Systems, Inc. Telephone: (305) 513-4488...

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