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How To Operate The Freezer Compartment - Whirlpool ARG 926 Instructions For Use Manual

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Only for appliances with
If the freezer compartment is marked
be used to store already frozen food.
If the freezer compartment is marked
be used to store food for several months, and for
freezing fresh food. The amount of fresh food
(expressed in kg.) that can be frozen in 24 hours is
indicated on the rating plate (see paragraph
"Product Description", ref. 6).
Freezing fresh food
• Set the thermostat (1) to 3-4.
• Place the food to be frozen in the middle of the
freezer compartment.
• Frozen food must not come into contact with fresh food
still to be frozen (leave around 20 mm).
• After 24 hours, return the thermostat (1) to the normal
Wrap and seal the food in:
• aluminium foil, cling film, watertight plastic bags, polythene
containers with lids or special freezer containers.
When purchasing frozen food products:
• ensure that the packaging is not damaged (frozen food in
damaged packaging may have deteriorated). If the package
is swollen or has damp patches, it may not have been
stored under optimal conditions and defrosting may have
already begun.
• Transport products in a thermally insulated cool bag.
• When shopping, leave frozen food purchases until last.
• Once at home, place the frozen foods immediately in the
• If food has defrosted even partially, do not re-freeze it.
Consume within 24 hours.
• Avoid subjecting foods to temperature variations.
Observe the "best before" date on the package.
• Always observe the storage information on the package.
Making ice cubes
• Fill the ice cube tray (9) 3/4 with water and place it on the
bottom of the freezer compartment.
• Use a spoon handle to remove ice cube trays which stick
to the compartment.
Do not use sharp or pointed instruments.
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