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How To Operate The Freezer Compartment - Whirlpool ART 889 H User Manual

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There is no need to adjust the thermostat
knob (5) as it has already been factory set to
provide the correct storage temperature of
frozen food in the freezer compartment at
ambient temperatures between +20°C
and +25°C.
After being switched on, the appliance needs
approx. 3 hours to reach the correct
temperature to store a typical volume of food
in the freezer compartment.
Adjusting the temperature:
Turn the thermostat knob (5) setting.
to lower numbers if the internal temperature
is too low.
to higher numbers to lower the internal
Freezing fresh food
The freezer compartment
freezing fresh food.
The quantity of fresh food that can be frozen in
24 hours, at an ambient temperature of +25°C, is
indicated on the rating plate.
How to operate:
1. Set the thermostat knob (5) on 2-3.
2. If the appliance is equipped with a freeze
button (4), press it to activate the function
(the yellow LED switches on).
This operation makes it possible to obtain the
maximum freezing capacity indicated on the
rating plate and to avoid excessive lowering
of the refrigerator compartment temperature
during freezing.
3. Wrap and seal the food in:aluminium foil,
cling film, air and water-tight plastic bags,
polythene containers with lids or special
freezer containers.
4. Place food in the top compartment, leaving
enough space for air to circulate around
packages.To speed up the freezing process
and increase the compartment capacity,
remove the top basket and the ice pack
storage drawer (if provided). Put the already
frozen food into the other drawers and the
food still to be frozen directly onto the
refrigerator grid.
5. The food will be completely frozen in 24
hours. Press freeze button (4) to deactivate
the function.
Downloaded from Manuals
is used for
In the event of a power failure,
the freezer compartment will maintain the
storage temperature as indicated on the
product description sheet.
In models with one or two ice packs, this
temperature can be maintained for about 25/
30 hours.
Do not open the freezer compartment door
during a power failure.