Troubleshooting Guide; After Sales Service - Whirlpool ARG 926 Instructions For Use Manual

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1. Temperature inside the compartments is not low
•Is food preventing the doors from closing properly?
•Is the thermostat setting correct?
•Are the air circulation vents blocked?
2. Temperature inside the refrigerator compartment
is too low.
•Is the thermostat setting correct?
3. The appliance is excessively noisy.
•Has the appliance been installed correctly?
•Are the pipes at the back touching or vibrating?
•It is normal to hear the noise of the refrigerant liquid in
4. The appliance is not working?
•Is there a power failure?
•Is the plug properly inserted in the socket?
•Has the fuse blown?
•Is the power cord damaged?
5. Water collects at the bottom of the refrigerator
•Is the thermostat setting correct?
•Is the defrost water drain blocked?
6. The inside light is not working.
checks for problem 4 and then:
•Disconnect the appliance from the mains power supply.
•1. Squeeze the upper part of the lamp cover.
2. Remove the lamp cover (3).
•If necessary, replace the bulb with a new one
(220÷240V, 15 Watt).
Before contacting After-Sales Service:
1. See if you can solve the problem yourself
(see "Troubleshooting guide").
2. Switch the appliance on again to see if the problem
has been solved. If it has not, disconnect the
appliance from the power supply and wait for
about an hour before switching on again.
3. If the problem persists after this course of action,
contact After-sales Service.
Downloaded from Manuals
Perform the
• the nature of the problem,
• the model,
• the Service number (the number after the word
SERVICE on the data plate on the inside of the
• your full address,
• your telephone number and area code.
The direction of door opening can be changed.
If this operation is performed by After-sales
Service it is not covered by the warranty.



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