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Installation - Whirlpool ARG 926 Instructions For Use Manual

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Install the freezer away from heat sources.
Installation in a hot environment, direct exposure to the
sun or installation near heat sources (heaters, radiators,
cookers) will increase power consumption and should
therefore be avoided.
If this is not possible, the following minimum distances
must be respected:
30 cm from coal or paraffin stoves
3 cm from electric stoves.
• Install the refrigerator in a dry, well-ventilated place.
• Clean the interior (see "How to defrost and clean the
• Fit the accessories.
• Check the door seal is not damaged or deformed,
especially after installation or reversal of door opening.
Electrical connection
• Ensure that the voltage indicated on the appliance data
plate corresponds to the mains voltage.
• Regulations require that the appliance is earthed.
The Manufacturer declines all liabilities for injury to
persons or damage to property resulting from failure to
observe these regulations.
• If the plug and socket are not of the same type, have the
socket replaced by a qualified electrician.
• Do not use extension cables, multiple sockets or adapters.
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