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Environment And Safety - Philips DECT 221 User Manual

Philips user manual telephone dect 221, dect 225
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safety information: this telephone is not designed for making emergency telephone calls when the power fails. an
alternative should be made available for access to emergency calling.
power requirements: the product requires an electrical supply of 120 volts, single phase alternating current,
excluding It installations defined in standard ul 60950.
battery requirements: the handset requires power source of two rechargeable nimh batteries, size aaa 1.2v
650mah (hr11/45).
warning! the electrical network is classified as dangerous according to criteria in the standard ul 60950. the
only way to power down this product is by unplugging the power supply from the electrical outlet. Ensure the electrical
outlet is located close to the apparatus and is always easily accessible.
Telephone connection: the voltage on the network is classified as tnv-3 (telecommunication network voltages, as
defined in the standard ul 60950). following a power cut, the call in progress is lost.
CaUTion: Users should ensure for their own protection that the electrical ground connections of the power utility,
telephone lines and internal metallic water pipe system, if present, are connected together. This precaution may be
particularly important in rural areas.
environmental care: please remember to observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of your packaging
materials, exhausted batteries and old phone and where possible promote their recycling.
Because the phone works by sending radio signals between the base unit and the handset, wearers of hearing aids may
experience interference in the form of a humming noise.
We advise that this phone should not be used near intensive care medical equipment, nor by persons with pacemakers.
Your phone can interfere with electrical equipment such as answering machines, TV and radio sets, clock radios and computers if
placed too close. It is recommended that you position the base unit at least one meter from such appliances.
Use only the mains adapter supplied with this telephone. incorrect adapter polarity or voltage can
seriously damage the unit.
base adapter
Input: 120 vaC 60 hz
output: 9 vDC 500 ma (DECt 225xx)
output: 9 vDC 300 ma (DECt 221xx)
risk of explosion if baTTery is replaCed by an inCorreCT Type. never use non-
rechargeable batteries; use recommended type supplied with this telephone. nimh batteries must be
disposed of in accordance with the applicable waste disposal regulations.
fCC CerTifiCaTion nUmber is loCaTed on The CabineT boTTom
The term "iC:" before the certification number signifies that industry Canada technical specifications
were met. This certification means that the equipment meets certain radio communications and
operational requirements.

Environment and safety

Charger adapter
Input: 120 vaC 60 hz
output: 9 vDC 150 ma
environment and safety

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