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Remote Access; The Remote Access Function - Philips DECT 221 User Manual

Philips user manual telephone dect 221, dect 225
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Remote access

you can access your answering machine when you are away by using a phone set on tone dial mode (see section 8, Dial
mode, page 19).
note: you have to enter the security pIn to access the answering machine.
to remotely access the answering machine,
place a call from an external line to your answering machine.
when the answering machine answers the call and starts playing the ogm, press the sTar key.
note: If the answering machine is originally off, the answering machine will emit one beep after 10 rings. then
proceed to step 3.
Enter the security pIn.
The PIN entered is correct
the remote access is activated once the correct pIn is entered.
The PIN entered is incorrect
you have three attempts to enter the correct pIn or the connection will be lost.
press a button anytime to carry out the desired fu
carry out the desired function.
note: If you are lost during remote access, press the 5 key once to stop the current operation and start again.
note: the connection will be lost if no key is pressed within 8 seconds from the last key pressed.

the remote access function

this is the remote access function
to play messages
to play ogm
to record ogm
to stop
to stop or activate the answering machine
to delete all old and new messages
while the message is being played,
to play the previous message
to repeat the current message
to play the next message
to stop the message play back
to delete the current message
Remote Access Key
dect 225 answering machine
n. press a key (see table below) anytime to

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