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System; Registering A Handset; Un-Registering A Handset - Philips DECT 221 User Manual

Philips user manual telephone dect 221, dect 225
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Registering a handset

you can register up to 4 handsets to your DECt 221 base station and up to 5 handsets to your DECt 225 base station.
one handset can be registered to only one base at a time.
1. press the mEnu key.
2. select SETTINGS and press the ok key.
3. select REGISTER and press the ok key
4. before pressing ok key, press and hold the pagIng key on the base for 4 seconds. a registration tone
will be emitted (DECt 225 only).
5. press ok key while selecting REGISTER.
The base is full
If the base is full, it cannot take on any more handsets. you will hear a reject tone instead (DECt 225 only) and
you will not be able to register any more handsets. see the section below "un-registering a handset" to delete a
currently registered handset.
successful registration
you will hear a confirmation tone if the registration is successful. the handset label and the handset number will
be displayed.
Unsuccessful registration
If the registration is not successful, the handset registers back to its original base unit, or SEARCHNG is
displayed if it has lost link with its original base. NOT REG is displayed if it is registering for the first time.
follow the procedure and try again.

Un-registering a handset

a handset can un-register another handset registered to the same base. It cannot un-register itself.
press the menU key.
select SETTINGS and press the ok key.
select DEL HS and press the ok key.
select the handset you would like to un-register and press the ok key.



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