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Philips DECT 221 User Manual

Philips user manual telephone dect 221, dect 225
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  • Page 1 User manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ChargIng thE hanDsEt ... 5 rEgIstErIng your hanDsEt ... 6 3 aboUT yoUr phone ...7 your hanDsEt ... 7 your DECt 221/225 basE statIons ... 7 ICons on your hanDsEt DIsplay ... 8 ExplorIng thE mEnus ... 8 making Calls ...9 makIng a Call ...
  • Page 4 Deleting all ICms ... 29 Call sCrEEnIng ... 29 volumE aDjustmEnt... 29 rIng DElay... 30 sECurIty pIn ... 30 rEmotE aCCEss ... 31 the remote access function ... 31 appendix ...32 DEfault sEttIngs ... 32 troublEshootIng ... 33 contents...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    12. If your product uses rechargeable battery(ies), charge the battery(ies) only in accordance with the instructions and limitation specified in the User Manual. save These insTrUCTions environmenT and safeTy
  • Page 6: Environment And Safety

    The term “iC:” before the certification number signifies that industry Canada technical specifications were met. This certification means that the equipment meets certain radio communications and operational requirements. Charger adapter Input: 120 vaC 60 hz output: 9 vDC 150 ma...
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Phone

    : If more than one handset is registered with the base, registration may take approximately one minute. . to recharge, place the handset on the base unit or setting up your phone
  • Page 8: Registering Your Handset

    NOT REG in the display or if you wish to un-register from its original base and register the handset to a different base unit. you can register up to 4 handsets to your DECt 221 base station and DECt 225 base station.
  • Page 9: About Your Phone

    & scroll up key use to enter menus. use to scroll up items . use to increase earpiece volume during a call. Your DECT 221/225 base stations DECt 221 About your phone paging key DECt 225 for more details on your DECt 225 base station, see...
  • Page 10: Icons On Your Handset Display

    EDIt volumE DElEtE DElEtE all the ringer is turned off. the handset is linked to the base. there are more digits on the right. there are more digits on the left. more menu options are available upward.
  • Page 11: Making Calls

    Entering a pause press and hold the paUse key press the Talk key. Making calls turns on if you enter more than 12 digits. to enter a pause. It is displayed as P. making calls will flash.
  • Page 12: Redialling

    3. press the Talk key. Ending a call press the end key or place the handset on the base unit or charger. making calls
  • Page 13: Answering A Call

    During a call, you can speak to someone privately without having the caller hear your conversation. to mute/unmute a call, press the mUTe key. note: appears to indicate the call is being muted. will flash on the display. turns on and the caller information is displayed. when the phone is ringing, you making calls
  • Page 14: Chain Dialing

    2. subsequent presses of the flash key will switch you between these 2 callers. to put the current call on hold. you will hear the dialing tone. to put the current call on hold and talk with the second caller.
  • Page 15: Using Your Phonebook

    Edit the name and try again. Enter the phone number. 7. press the ok key to save the number. Adding another record repeat steps 3 to 7 to add another record. using your phonebook
  • Page 16: Editing Phonebook Records

    PHONE BK and press the ok key. select DEL ALL and press the ok key. press the ok key again to confirm the action. warning: all deleted records cannot be recovered. using your phonebook...
  • Page 17: Call Records

    Calling back from a call record while you are viewing a call record, you can return the call, provided that it contains a valid phone number, by pressing the Talk key. Call records example 13175551234 3175551234 5551234 call records
  • Page 18: Saving The Call Records To Your Phonebook

    Matching your phonebook record If a dialed number matches a phone number stored in the phonebook, that phonebook name will be displayed instead of the dialed number. to save the name. call records...
  • Page 19: Saving The Dial Records To Your Phonebook

    Instead of deleting the records one by one, you have this option to delete the entire dial list. while you are viewing any dial record, press and hold the the ok key. press the the deleTe key until you are prompted to confirm the action. call records
  • Page 20: Personalizing Your Phone

    SETTINGS and press the ok key. select BACKLIT and press the ok key. the current setting is displayed. select ON or OFF. press the ok key to confirm. personalizing your phone...
  • Page 21: Personalizing Your Sounds

    . select SETTINGS and press the ok key. select KEY TONE and press the ok key. the current setting is displayed. select ON or OFF. press the ok key to confirm. personalizing your phone
  • Page 22: Advanced Features

    Enter the 3 digit local area code so that the caller ID can be formatted properly. press the menU key. select SETTINGS and press the ok key. select AREACODE and press the ok key. Enter the area code. press the ok key to confirm. Advanced features advanced features...
  • Page 23: System

    Registering a handset you can register up to 4 handsets to your DECt 221 base station and up to 5 handsets to your DECt 225 base station. one handset can be registered to only one base at a time. 1. press the mEnu key.
  • Page 24: Resetting

    Default settings (Page 31). press the menU key. select SETTINGS and press the ok key. select RESET and press the ok key. press the ok key again to confirm. system...
  • Page 25: Additional Features

    . stop the paging you can stop the paging by pressing any key on each handset or pressing the paging key on the base again. Additional features additional features turns on when you have a new will turn off.
  • Page 26: Calling Someone In The House

    If the other handset does not answer, press the inTerCom key again to cancel the attempt and return to the external call. Using multi-handsets using multi-handsets...
  • Page 27: Transferring Your Call To Another Handset

    ConferenCe key to put the external line on hold and talk to the other handset in private. press and hold the ConferenCe key to re-establish the conference call. note: Ending the call before the other handset answers will drop the external call. using multi-handsets
  • Page 28: Dect 225 Answering Machine

    2 rings 3 rings 4 rings 5 rings 6 rings 7 rings toll saver previous message play / stop Display Meaning the answering machine is being accessed from an external phone. volume level 1, call screening off...
  • Page 29: Turning The Answering Machine On/Off

    SETTINGS and press the ok key. select TAM LANG and press the ok key. select the desired language. press the ok key to confirm. dect 225 answering machine
  • Page 30: Recording An Ogm

    It worked when the ogm was played but did not work after the end of ogm when the caller started to leave a message. dect 225 answering machine...
  • Page 31: Playing Icm

    Call screening will be turned off when the volume is turned to minimum. press the volUme Up key to increase the volume. press the volUme down key to decrease the volume. dect 225 answering machine
  • Page 32: Ring Delay

    6. use the volUme Up key and the volUme down key to change the third digit. 7. press the pin key to confirm the third digit. two beeps are emitted to confirm that the change has been done and the display shows your new pIn digit per digit. dect 225 answering machine...
  • Page 33: Remote Access

    (see table below) anytime to nctio Remote Access Key twice...
  • Page 34: Appendix

    Dial mode menu language Earpiece volume keylock * this feature/function will not be set back to default after reset. Appendix PHILIPS Answering machine (DECT 225 only) Melody 1 Default ogm language Level 3 ring delay security pIn...
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting problems the phone does not work at all. the phone does not ring. there is no dial tone. Caller ID does not work properly. the second call (Call waiting) cannot be answered. the empty battery icon appears soon after the batteries are charged. the handset is unable to register (DECt 221 only) the answering machine does not record...
  • Page 36: Equipment Approval Information

    If these changes are expected to affect the use or performance of your telephone equipment, the telephone company must give you adequate notice, in writing, to allow you to maintain uninterrupted service.
  • Page 37: Interference Information

    Compatibility (haC) this telephone system meets fCC and Industry Canada standards for hearing aid Compatibility.
  • Page 38: Additional Information

    Philips Consumer Electronics P.O. Box 671539 Marietta, GA 30006-0026 Phone: 1-888-PHILIPS (744-5477) Phone: 1-800-363-7278 (English) Phone: 1-800-661-6162 (Francais) CANADA Philips - Consumer Service Division 4977 Levy Street Ville St. Lurent, Quebec H4R 2N9 Phone: 1-800-363-7278 (English) Phone: 1-800-661-6162 (Francais)
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