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Saving The Call Records To Your Phonebook; Deleting A Call Record; Deleting The Entire Call List; Finding Out Whom You Have Called (Dial List) - Philips DECT 221 User Manual

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saving the call records to your phonebook

to save the phone number of your family, friends, and colleagues, you can save the call records to your phonebook if you
do not already have their contact information.
while you are viewing the call record that you would like to save,
press the phonebook key. .
Edit the caller's name if necessary, or enter a name if caller's name is not available.
press the
Edit the number if necessary.
press the
note: the call record is now saved into the phonebook. the call record is still in your call list but it will show
the new name entered.

Deleting a call record

while you are viewing the call record that you would like to delete,
press the deleTe key. .
press the

Deleting the entire call list

Instead of deleting the records one by one, you have this option to delete the entire call list. while you are viewing any
call record,
press and hold the deleTe key until you are prompted to confirm the action.
press the

Finding out whom you have called (Dial list)

your phone stores the last 5 numbers you have dialed, up to 20 digits each.
If you have more than one handset, each handset has its own dial list.

Checking your dialed records

press the
press the Up / down key to scroll through the last 5 dialed numbers.
press the ok key repeatedly to view the details of this dial record.
Matching your phonebook record
If a dialed number matches a phone number stored in the phonebook, that phonebook name will be displayed
instead of the dialed number.
the ok key to save the name.
to save the name.
the ok key. .
the ok key to confirm.
the ok key.
the ok key. the last number dialed is displayed.
call records

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