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Using Bosch Vms Config Wizard - Bosch DIP-71F0-00N Installation Manual

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en | System setup - first steps
10. On the Bosch VMS default screen, double-click the Bosch VMS Wizard icon
11. Configure the system using the Configuration Wizard.
To perform administrative tasks, the BVRAdmin account can be entered when Bosch VMS
default screen is displayed. To do so, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, then hold down SHIFT while
clicking the Switch User option and keep SHIFT pressed for about five seconds.
We strongly recommend not changing any operating system settings. Changing operating
system settings can result in malfunctioning of the system.
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Using Bosch VMS Config Wizard

Intended use for Config Wizard is the quick and easy configuration of a smaller system. Config
Wizard helps you to achieve a configured system including VRM, iSCSI system, cameras,
recording profiles and user groups.
User groups and their permissions are configured automatically. You can add or remove users
and set passwords.
Config Wizard can access Management Server only on the local computer.
You can save an activated configuration for backup purposes and import this configuration
later. You can change this imported configuration after import.
Config Wizard adds the local VRM automatically.
The following tasks cannot be done with the Configuration Wizard. Use Bosch VMS
Configuration Client instead.
To achieve a quick configuration using the Configuration Wizard:
2016.08 | V2.1 | DOC
The software selection screen is displayed.
Note: In case of password loss a system recovery must be performed as described in the
installation manual. The configuration must be done from scratch or must be imported.
Click the version of the video management system that is pre-loaded on the system hard
drive or import the software from removable media, for example from Recovery DVD 2 or
USB drive.
Note: We recommend that you install the latest version. The latest version is available
from the online product catalog.
The installation can take several minutes. Do not turn off the computer.
The Bosch VMS default screen is displayed.
the Configuration Wizard.
The Welcome page is displayed.
Additional documentation and client software, page 31
Using Bosch VMS Config Wizard, page 26
adjusting schedules
configuring systems with no or multiple VRM
configuring external storage devices
adding Video Streaming Gateway
all advanced configurations beyond a basic setup (maps or alarms, for example)
Installation Manual
DIVAR IP 7000 (3U)
to start
Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH



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