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Rack Installation; Unpacking The System; Preparing For Setup; Choosing A Setup Location - Bosch DIP-71F0-00N Installation Manual

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en | Rack installation

Rack installation


Unpacking the system

You should inspect the box the chassis was shipped in and note if it was damaged in any way.
If the chassis itself shows damage, file a damage claim with the carrier who delivered it and
notify the respective Bosch RMA desk.
Due to the weight of the system: After opening the top of the shipping box, one person should
stand at either end and lift the disk array out together.
Be sure to read the safety precautions.

Preparing for setup

Read this section in its entirety before you begin the installation procedure outlined in the
sections that follow.

Choosing a setup location

This equipment is intended for installation in Restricted Access Location or equivalent.
This product is not suitable for use with visual display work place devices acccording to §2 of
the the German Ordinance for Work with Visual Display Units.

Rack precautions

To prevent bodily injury when mounting or servicing this unit in a rack, you must take special
precautions to ensure that the system remains stable. The following guidelines are provided
to ensure your safety:
2016.08 | V2.1 | DOC
Place the system near at least one grounded power outlet.
Place the system in a clean, dust-free area that is well ventilated. Avoid areas where heat,
electrical noise and electromagnetic fields are generated.
Leave approximately 25 inches clearance in front of the rack to be able to open the front
door completely.
Leave approximately 30 inches of clearance in the back of the rack to allow for sufficient
airflow and ease in servicing.
Ensure that the leveling jacks on the bottom of the rack are fully extended to the floor
with the full weight of the rack resting on them.
This unit should be mounted at the bottom of the rack if it is the only unit in the rack.
When mounting this unit in a partially filled rack, load the rack from the bottom to the top
with the heaviest component at the bottom of the rack.
In single rack installations, attach stabilizers to the rack.
If the rack is provided with stabilizing devices, install the stabilizers before mounting or
servicing the unit in the rack.
In multiple rack installations, couple the racks together.
Always make sure the rack is stable before extending a component from the rack.
Extend only one component at a time - extending two or more simultaneously may cause
the rack to become unstable.
Installation Manual
DIVAR IP 7000 (3U)
Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH



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