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General System Precautions; Rack Mounting Considerations; Rack Mounting Instructions - Bosch DIP-71F0-00N Installation Manual

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DIVAR IP 7000 (3U)

General system precautions

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Rack mounting considerations

Ambient operating temperature
If installed in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the ambient operating temperature of the
rack environment may be greater than the ambient temperature of the room. Therefore,
consideration should be given to installing the equipment in an environment compatible with
the manufacturer's maximum rated ambient temperature (Tmra).
Reduced airflow
Equipment should be mounted into a rack so that the amount of airflow required for safe
operation is not compromised.
Mechanical loading
Equipment should be mounted into a rack so that a hazardous condition does not arise due to
uneven mechanical loading.
Circuit overloading
Consideration should be given to the connection of the equipment to the power supply
circuitry and the effect that any possible overloading of circuits might have on overcurrent
protection and power supply wiring. Appropriate consideration of equipment nameplate
ratings should be used when addressing this concern.
Reliable ground
A reliable ground must be maintained at all times. To ensure this, the rack itself should be
grounded. Particular attention should be given to power supply connections other than the
direct connections to the branch circuit (i.e. the use of power strips, etc.).

Rack mounting instructions

This section provides information on installing the chassis into a rack unit. There are a variety
of rack units on the market, which may mean the assembly procedure will differ slightly. Also
refer to the installation instructions that came with the rack unit you are using.
This rail will fit a rack between 26.5" and 36.4" deep.
Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
Review the electrical and general safety precautions that came with the components you
are adding to your chassis.
Determine the placement of each component in the rack before installing the rails.
Install the heaviest components on the bottom of the rack first, and then work up.
Use a regulating uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect the system from power
surges and voltage spikes if you want to keep your system operating in case of a power
Allow the hard drives and power supply modules to cool before touching them.
Always keep the rack's front door and all panels and components on the system closed
when not servicing to maintain proper cooling.
Safety information, page 5
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