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Philips SCD590 Owner's Manual

Dect baby monitor
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DECT Baby Monitor



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  • Page 1 DECT Baby Monitor SCD590...
  • Page 5 EngliSh 6...
  • Page 6 13 Do not place lighted candles, cigarettes, cigars, etc., on the product. 14 Unplug this product from the wall outlet, discontinue use and return the product to the Philips Service Location for examination and repair under the following conditions: When the power supply cord or plug is damaged or frayed.
  • Page 7 SAVE ThESE inSTRUCTiOnS CAUTION: Unplug power cord before replacing batteries. Use only the adapter supplied with this baby monitor. Incorrect adapter polarity or voltage can seriously damage the baby monitor. Adapters for baby unit and charger:...
  • Page 8: Compliance Information

    Compliance information The FCC ID number is located on the casing bottom of the parent unit and in the battery compartment of the baby unit. The term ‘IC’ before the certification number signifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met. This certification means that the equipment meets certain radio communications and operational requirements.
  • Page 9: Battery Operation

    Battery operation The baby unit runs on four 1.5V R6 AA batteries (not included). We strongly advise you to use Philips LR6 PowerLife batteries. Make sure your hands and the unit are dry when you insert the batteries. Turn the battery compartment lid to the left ( Á OPEN) with the palm of your hand. (Fig. ) Remove the lid.
  • Page 10 Battery operation The parent unit runs on two rechargeable 1.2V AAA NiMH batteries that are supplied with the appliance. Make sure your hands and the unit are dry when you insert the batteries. Slide the battery compartment lid downwards to remove it (Fig. 6). Insert the two rechargeable batteries (Fig.
  • Page 11: Operating Range

    For more information on the operating range, see section ‘Operating range’ below. Operating range The operating range of the baby monitor is 300 meters/900 feet in open air. Depending on the surroundings and other disturbing factors, this range may be smaller. Indoors the operating range is up to 50 meters/150 feet.
  • Page 12: Silent Baby Monitoring

    Briefly press the volume + and – buttons on the parent unit until the desired microphone sensitivity level for the baby unit has been reached. Note: If you press the SENSITIVITY button and/or the volume + and – buttons too long, the microphone sensitivity is not adjusted.
  • Page 13: Default Settings

    Turn the neck strap to the right (1) and take it out of the opening () (Fig. ). Reset function This function allows you to reset the baby monitor to the default settings. You can use this function if problems occur that cannot be solved by following the suggestions in chapter ‘Frequently asked questions’.
  • Page 14: Full Two Year Warranty

    SERViCE. nO RESPOnSiBiliTY iS ASSUMED FOR AnY SPECiAl, inCiDEnTAl OR COnSEQUEnTiAl DAMAgES. In order to obtain warranty service, simply ship the product postage prepaid to the Philips Norelco Service Location (information available online at or at 1-800-243-7884). It is suggested that, for your protection, you return shipments of product by insured mail, insurance prepaid.
  • Page 15 Frequently asked questions This chapter lists the questions most frequently asked about the appliance. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact the Customer Care Centre in your country. Question Why don’t the ON light on the baby unit and the LINK light on the parent unit come on when I press the on/off buttons of the...
  • Page 16 The DECT technology of this baby monitor guarantees no interference from other equipment and no eavesdropping. You have to press all buttons (except the on/off buttons and the TALK button) briefly.
  • Page 17 Question Why doesn’t battery check light on the parent unit light up when I start to recharge the parent unit. Answer The microphone sensitivity level of the baby unit may be set too high, which causes the parent unit to consume a lot of energy. Decrease the microphone sensitivity level with the SENSITIVITY button on the parent unit.
  • Page 20 4222.002.6467.2...

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