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Philips SCD530 User Manual

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  • Page 1 0000.0000.00.00...
  • Page 3 EngliSh 8...
  • Page 4 For the baby unit, only use 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (batteries not supplied). 22 To prevent strangulation with power cord, never place monitor within reach of child. Do not use For the parent unit, only use the SCD530 Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack as supplied with the with extension cords.
  • Page 5 17 Compartment for non-rechargeable batteries 18 Lid of compartment for non-rechargeable batteries introduction Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips AVENT! To fully benefit from the support C Display that Philips AVENT offers, register your product at $ = temperature alert Philips AVENT is dedicated to producing caring, reliable products that give parents the reassurance Ñ°...
  • Page 6 The baby unit runs on four 1.5V R6 AA batteries (not included). We strongly advise you to use ‘Searching’ = units are searching for connection* Philips LR6 PowerLife batteries. ‘Linked’ = units are linked* Do not use rechargeable batteries, as the baby unit does not have a charging function.
  • Page 7 EngliSh EngliSh Press and hold the on/off button 3 on the baby unit until the green power-on light goes Temperature alert on/off on. (Fig. 12) Vibration alert on/off Note: The power-on light always lights up green, even when there is no connection with the parent unit. Adjusting loudspeaker volume The nightlight lights up briefly and then fades out again.
  • Page 8 EngliSh EngliSh Note: The arrow indicates in which direction you can navigate. To stop the paging alert tone, press the PAGE button again or press any button on the parent unit. Press the OK button to confirm (Fig. 32). lullabies function Use the + and - buttons to select the desired setting.
  • Page 9 EngliSh EngliSh Select ‘Temperature’ with the + and - buttons. Press the OK button to confirm. Press the OK button to confirm. Reset function Select ‘Range’ with the + and - buttons. This function in the menu of the parent unit allows you to reset both the parent unit and the baby unit to the default settings at the same time.
  • Page 10 Battery pack Only replace the SCD530 Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack of the parent unit with a pack of the If the LINK light on the parent unit still does not start to flash, use the original type. For assistance call 1-800-54-AVENT (1-800-542-8368) or visit our website: www.
  • Page 11 EngliSh EngliSh Question Answer Question Answer Why does the parent If the parent unit beeps while the LINK light lights up red continuously You may have set a maximum room temperature that is lower than unit beep? and the message ‘Not Linked’ is shown on the display, the connection the actual room temperature or a minimum room temperature that is with the baby unit is lost.
  • Page 12 EngliSh Question Answer Why doesn’t the battery It may take a few minutes before the battery symbol appears on the symbol appear on the display of the parent unit when you charge the parent for the first display of the parent unit time or after a long period of disuse.