COMFORT-AIRE Comfort-Cire AMC 25 Installation And Maintenance Manual

Amw / amc series wall mount split units.
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Installation, Operation
And Maintenance Manual
Wall Mount Split Units
AMW/AMC 25, 30, 45 &60
Please read this manual before
installing and operating the unit
Tools / Supplies
Recommended height and length
Refrigerant piping & drainage
Product description
Auxiliary control
Operating instructions


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   Summary of Contents for COMFORT-AIRE Comfort-Cire AMC 25

  • Page 1

    AITONS' AMW / AMC SERIES Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual Wall Mount Split Units AMW/AMC 25, 30, 45 &60 Please read this manual before installing and operating the unit CONTENTS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Tools / Supplies Safety considerations Selection of location Recommended height and length Installation Method Refrigerant piping &...

  • Page 2: Installation Instructions, Safety Considerations

    While working on the air conditioner, all precautions in the literature, tags and labels attached to the unit and all other general safety precautions should be carefully observed. Please follow all safety codes, wear safety glasses and work gloves.

  • Page 3: Selection Of Location, Indoor Unit, Outdoor Unit

    SELECTION OF LOCATION Select a convenient location where: INDOOR UNIT The cool air can reach every corner of the area to be cooled. The unit is away from any direct heat source Easy and short routing of the refrigerant and drain pipes to the exterior. There are no flammable gas, alkaline or acid present in the air.

  • Page 4: Installation Method

    RECOMMENDED HEIGHT AND LENGTH If the refrigerant piping is longer than the recommended length, or if the height difference between the indoor and outdoor unit is greater than recommended, the capacity will drop and the compressor could malfunction. Select an installation location that is within the recommended parameters.

  • Page 5

    MOUNTING INSTALLATION PLATE: The fan coil can be installed using any of the four methods described below. Determine which is the most suitable method. Position the installation plate on the wall making sure that it is parallel to the ground. This can be done by aligning the marking- off line with a thread and weight as shown in figure on the right.

  • Page 6

    INSTALLATION OF FAN COIL: The extended liquid and suction pipes and drain hose are hidden inside a slot at the back of the fan coil. This allows the hole on the wall to be either on the right or left side of the fan coil.

  • Page 7: Preparation Of Piping

    REFRIGERATION PIPING & DRAINAGE PREPARATION OF PIPING Fan coil and side discharge condensing units are equipped with flare connections. Improper flaring and brazing may cause refrigerant to leak out of the system. Follow these instructions carefully in preparing the refrigerant piping. Ensure that all piping is of the correct size.

  • Page 8: Piping Insulation

    PRECAUTIONS WHEN BENDING PIPES The air conditioner's performance will suffer if the piping is crushed. Bend pipes using the pads of your thumbs to prevent them from collapsing (See picture on the right.) Use a pipe bending tool to bend pipe wider than 1/2"...

  • Page 9: Condensing Units

    PRECAUTIONS WHEN CONNECTING PIPES: Connections will go more smoothly if the large pipe is connected first, followed by the small pipe. Hold the nipple and the flare nut straight and lightly turn the nut two or three turns by hand to ensure that the threads are aligned.

  • Page 10: Air Purging

    Also, moisture in the air can cause insulation failure in the compressor motor and deterioration of the refrigerant oil, resulting in a significant reduction in the air conditioner life. The procedure is as follows: Confirm that all piping connections have been completed correctly.

  • Page 11

    DRAIN PIPE CONNECTION The fan coil is equipped with a drain hose. It is tied together with the refrigerant piping. During installation, it is important to observe the following instructions to prevent water overflowing from the drain pan. Insure that the indoor unit is level and not tilted forwards or backwards.

  • Page 12: Electrical Wiring, Wiring Connection

    See the unit nameplate for electrical rating and use correct wire size to handle the minimum circuit ampacity required for the unit. Refer to Local Electric Codes for wire sizing. Always use a separate power line with circuit breaker for each air conditioner. Always ground the unit.

  • Page 13: Operating Instructions, Operating Tips

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING TIPS: Observe the following points for economical and safe operation: Keep the room temperature at a comfortable level. Too much cooling is unhealthy and results in excessive consumption of electricity. A temperature setting of 75°F (24°C) is usually sufficient during the day.

  • Page 14

    AUXILIARY CONTROL Figure below illustrates the auxiliary control on the fan coil. This can be used to operate / control the air conditioner when the remote controller is not available or lost. Test Use to operate the air conditioner under "COOL" mode. All other functions will not be effective.

  • Page 15: Remote Control Operation

    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION CONTROLS AND INDICATORS Figure below illustrates the various controls and indicators of the LCD wireless remote control. MODEL: AMW 25, 30...

  • Page 16

    MODEL: AMW 45, 60...

  • Page 17

    Sleep mode. Select sleep mode by pressing "Time:" button until "Sleep" appears on the LCD display. Sleep mode allows the air conditioner to raise the room temperature by up to 2°F from set temperature while you sleep to save power.

  • Page 18

    TIMER This feature allows the air conditioner to be automatically SWITCH ON or SWITCH OFF after a pre- determined time. CLOCK This is for setting the real time to facilitate the operation of the timer.

  • Page 19: Care And Maintenance

    Dry the filters before putting them back on the unit. Do not operate the air conditioner without the air filters in it. Remember that the filters protect the coil from getting dirty. A dirty coil is more difficult to clean than a dirty filter.

  • Page 20: Trouble Shooting

    This usually happens in places where heavy cigarette smoke exists in the air. BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE, PLEASE CHECK THE FOLLOWING: Air conditioner does not operate: Check the thermostat setting to ensure that it is not set above the room temperature.

  • Page 21

    AMW/AMC 25...

  • Page 22

    AMW/AMC 30...

  • Page 23

    AMW/AMC 45 & 60...

  • Page 24: Service Notes

    SERVICE NOTES AITONS' EQUIPMENT INC. Guelph, Ontario e-mail: Printed in Canada 03/03...

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