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Section 3 Operation; Power On/Off; Emergency Calls; Section 4 Phonebook - Samsung 108 User Manual

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Section 3 Operation

Power On/Off

Power On: Hold down the power key to turn on the handset.
If there is a prompt to "Insert SIM", please power it off and check the SIM card located under the battery.
Power Off: Hold down the power key to turn off the handset. The handset is off after the LCD quits flashing.
When the handset is powered on and requests the password or PIN code, you have to input it correctly. If you do
not know the PIN/password yet, please contact the network supplier. The default password is 1122.

Emergency Calls

If the handset is under network coverage, you can make emergency calls anywhere within the GSM network. If you
have no service or the SIM card in the handset is not activated, LCD will display "Emergency Calls Only".

Section 4 Phonebook

Contacts: You can view your contacts list.
Add New Contact: You can add a new contact to the SIM or the handset.
Delete All: You can delete all contact records on the SIM or the handset.
Copy All: You can copy all contacts from SIM to handset or vice versa.
Owner Number: You can view/edit the number belonging to the handset.
Preferred Storage: You can choose to have your contacts automatically stored on the SIM or the handset.
Memory Status: You can view the SIM and the handset's storage capacity.
Speed Dial: You can set a number from the contacts and assign a numeric key. This makes the assigned key a
shortcut. If speed-dial is enabled, long press the assigned key on standby mode and the number will be dialed.



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