Section 10: Index; Battery Security; Use And Maintenance - Samsung 108 User Manual

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Battery Security

Please use the battery appointed by the manufacturer. Using other parts can make service and warranty invalid.
There is no responsibility by the manufacturer or supplier for damage caused by using non-original parts. Please
disconnect the charger from the handset when not in use. Please do not allow battery to come into contact with
metal. Please do not bend or open the battery. Please do not put the battery in water or fire.

Use and Maintenance

The following suggestions are given for you to use and maintain the handset:
Put the handset out of reach of children.
Please keep the handset dry. Any form of moisture can damage the circuit. If the handset does get wet,
power it off and remove the battery. You may attempt to use the handset 24 hours later when you
confirm that it has dried.
Please keep the handset free and clear of dust and dirt.
Please keep the handset out of extreme temperatures.
Please do not clean with any form of chemicals.
Shortening the backlight time will increase battery time.
Please do not allow charger interface to connect with metal. This will cause your handset to be short


Table of Contents

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