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Phone Settings; Call Settings; Network Settings - Samsung 108 User Manual

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Phone Settings

Language The setting for language remains on English.
Shortcuts These settings allow you to change the dedicated keys. You can assign a menu-item to the navigational
keys. My shortcuts are the default shortcut menus.
Auto keypad lock: on/off These settings allow you to enable or disable the keypad lock.
Input Method Settings These settings allow you to change the default input method.

Call Settings

Caller ID – This displays the options of showing caller ID on the handset when a call is received.
Call Waiting-This option allows to enable/disable allowing to receive a call while already on another call.
Call Divert-This option allows you to enable/disable forwarding of incoming calls.
Call Barring-This option allows you to restrict certain types of calls (international or incoming).
Line Switching-This option shows what line calls come in on.
Call Time Reminder-This option shows you the length of call time when a call is ended.
Auto Redial-This option allows you to have your phone auto-redial the last dialed number.
Closed User Group-This option shows what user groups are closed/opened.
IP Number-This option displays the IP number of the phone.
Answer Mode-This option allows you to set the answer mode of your handset.

Network Settings

Network Selection-These settings show the network your phone has selected based on the provider of the SIM
Preferential Networks-This option allows you to set the preferred networks. These should not be changed and are
required by your network provider.