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Section 5 Messages - Samsung 108 User Manual

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Section 5 Messages

Creating and Sending a Message
Select Menu, then Messages and choose "Write Message".
You can change input type by pressing the "#" key to change across ABC, abc and 123.
You may select "Enter Recipient" to select a recipient from your address book OR you may select your
call logs and choose from a recently dialed/received/missed call.
Select Options and "Send" to send messages.
Entering Text
You can input alphanumerically by using the handset's keypad. The following text input methods are available on
this handset: ABC manual mode and manual mode.
ABC Manual Mode
This mode allows you to enter letters by pressing the key the corresponds to the letter you wish to use. The
required key should be pressed once, twice, three or even four times until the letter you wish to use is displayed.
123 Mode
You can type numbers using your handset by using one keystroke per number. You can also add numbers while
remaining in any letter mode by pressing and holding the desired key that corresponds to the number you are
trying to enter.



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