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Section 4: Profiles; Section 9: Calendar; Section 10: Organizer; Alarm - Samsung 108 User Manual

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There are five operating modes for you handset. These operating modes are: general, silent, outdoor, indoor and
headset. Select which mode you wish to operate in and click Activate.
Customize profiles allows you to set your phone specifically to your wants and needs.
Incoming Call: You can set the ring tone for incoming calls.
Alert Type: This option is set to ring only.
Ring Volume: Choose between volume levels 1-7 for your ring tone.
Ring Type: Select whether you want your ring to repeat, ascent or ring one time.
Message Tone: You can set the message tone for incoming messages.
Keypad Tone: You can set the keypad tone.
Keytone Volume: You can choose between volume levels 1-7 for the key tone.
When headset jack is inserted, all sound transmission will play through headphones. When in silent mode all calls,
messages and other tones are mute.
Calendar allows you to view the current system date and modify it. This is also show on the display.
Alarm – You can set the alarm time/date and tone. You may also view the status of the alarm, snooze or repeat it.
Calculator – This device can be used as a calculator to perform simple arithmetic functions.



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