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Switching Off; Frostmatic Function; Temperature Regulation; Door Open Alarm - AEG A72020GNW0 User Manual

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3.1 Switching on
1. Plug the appliance into electrical
mains socket.
2. To turn on the appliance, touch the
temperature key until all LED
indicators light up.
After approximately 3
seconds LED indicators fade
and the temperature is set
to the default setting (ECO
mode). Only the
temperature key and LED
indicator next to ECO mode
icon illuminate.

3.2 Switching off

1. To switch off the appliance press the
temperature key for 3 seconds.
All LED indicators turn off.
2. To disconnect the appliance from the
electrical supply, remove the mains
plug from the power socket.

3.3 Temperature regulation

To regulate the temperature, press the
temperature key. Every time the key is
pressed, the set temperature moves by 1
position and corresponding LED
indicator lights up. Press the temperature
key repeatedly until the required
temperature is selected. The setting will
be fixed.
Selection is progressive,
varying from -15°C to -24°C.
Coldest setting: -24°C.
Warmest setting: -15°C
Most suitable setting: ECO
mode (-18°C).
Choose the setting keeping in mind that
the temperature inside the appliance
depends on:
• room temperature
• frequency of opening the door
• quantity of food stored
• appliance location.
3.4 Sleep mode of the display
After 30 seconds of no interaction with
the appliance, the display goes into the
sleep mode. Only LED indicator
corresponding to currently set
temperature illuminates in low light. All
other LED indicators are off. To
deactivate this mode press the
temperature key.
3.5 ECO mode
In this mode the temperature is set to
This is the best temperature
to ensure good food
preservation with minimal
energy consumption.
To activate ECO mode press the
temperature key repeatedly until LED
indicator next to ECO mode icon lights

3.6 FROSTMATIC function

If you need to rapidly decrease the
temperature in the freezer compartment
to freeze fresh food quickly, we suggest
activating FROSTMATIC function for
proper food storage.
To activate this function press the
temperature key repeatedly until the LED
indicator next to FROSTMATIC icon
lights up. Also LED indicator
corresponding to -24°C illuminates.
This function stops
automatically after 52 hours.
When the function
deactivates, the previous
temperature setting is
You can deactivate this
function at any time by
pressing the temperature
key and choosing a new
temperature setting.

3.7 Door open alarm

If the door has been left open for
approximately 80 seconds, the door
open alarm activates. The temperature
key and LED indicator of the currently set
temperature flash and the sound is on.



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