Panasonic DMW-FL28E Operating Instructions Manual page 26

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four AA size nickel metal hydride: Approx. 0.2-3 sec (AUTO)/Approx. 3 sec (MANUAL)
• Number of flashes
four AA size alkaline: Approx. 280-1,400 (AUTO)/Approx. 280 (MANUAL)
four AA size nicad: Approx. 100-500 (AUTO)/Approx. 100 (MANUAL)
four AA size nickel metal hydride: Approx. 200-1,000 (AUTO)/Approx. 200 (MANUAL)
• Beam angle: 45o (up/down), 60o (left/right) without wide panel (Covers 35-mm lens view angle for 35-mm camera.) 60o
(up/down), 78o (left/right) with wide panel (Covers 24-mm lens view angle for 35-mm camera.)
• Bouncing angle: –30o to 90o (Notches are provided at –30o, –15o, 0o, 45o, 60o, 75o and 90o for a click stop.)
• Power supply: four AA size alkaline, nickel metal hydride or nicad batteries
• Synchronization voltage: 6 V
• Color type: daylight (best suited to color (daylight type) and monochrome photos)
• Dimensions: 95 mm height, 66 mm width, 72 mm depth
• Mass: Approx. 165 g (excluding batteries)
• Components: Main unit and wide panel
• The values shown above are those measured using new Panasonic batteries at normal temperature (20oC). The
values may vary depending on the batteries used and the ambient temperature.
• The interval between flashes means the minimum time required until the flash indicator lights using new batteries.
• The number of flashes in a manual testing situation refers to the number of times you can manually light the flash after
it has recharged (flash indicator lights) providing you have waited the specified 30 seconds after fully using the

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents