Using The Slave Function (Slave) - Panasonic DMW-FL28E Operating Instructions Manual

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Using the slave function (SLAVE)

(This function does not work with DMC-LC5's built in Flash)
Perform a test flash.
1. Determine the positions of the flash at the camera side and DMW-FL28 for slave.
2. Direct the slave photoreceptor of the slave unit so that it can receive either direct or reflected light from the flash at the
camera side.
3. Turn on both the flash at the camera side and the slave (this flash). Set the rotary switch A to [SLAVE] on the unit.
4. Check that the flash indicator on both units light.
5. When pressing the test flash button on the flash at the camera side, it lights. The flash triggers the slave (this unit)
causing it to flash almost simultaneously.
6. If the slave (this unit) does not light, check the facing direction of the slave and the operating distance.
7. DMW-FL28 (this unit) allows the Guide Number (GN) to be switched. In accordance with the recording condition, set
the rotary switch B to GN 28, GN 14 or GN 7.
• Use the flash at the camera side in the manual mode. Use the slave (this unit) in the slave mode. DMW-FL28 (this unit)
may slaveflash in response to the AF auxiliary light or preparatory lighting. Perform the test flash and test recording
before the actual recording.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents