Bounce Recording - Panasonic DMW-FL28E Operating Instructions Manual

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Bounce recording

For bounce recording, the convenience of the [AUTO] operation can be
exhibited. Bouncing the light off a reflective surface such as a ceiling, etc.
above the flash obtains soft lighting.
Auto bounce recording
1. The operating procedure is the same as that for normal auto recording.
2. Determine the position of the subject and then determine the bounce
angle of the flash.
(The flashtube can be tilted from 0o to 90o upward and the notches are
provided at 0o, 45o, 60o, 75o and 90o for a click stop.)
3. Perform a test flash before the actual recording to see if the auto check
indicator lights.
°For bounce recording, the recording distance is the sum of the distance
between the flash and the reflective surface and that between the reflective
surface and the subject. The auto-effective distance becomes shorter than
normal auto recordings depending on the reflectance of the reflective


Table of Contents

Table of Contents