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Specifications - Panasonic DMW-FL28E Operating Instructions Manual

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• Guide number: (ISO100, m)
28,14,7 (without the wide panel, when using 35 mm lens)
20,10,5 (with the wide panel, when using 24 mm lens)
• Flash duration
AUTO: Approx. 1/30,000-1/1,000 sec
MANUAL: Approx. 1/1,000 sec (GN 28(20))/Approx. 1/3,000 sec (GN 14(10))/Approx.1/8,000 sec (GN 7(5))
• Auto-effective distance: (ISO100, m)
F5.6: 0.5-5 m (35 mm (without wide panel))/0.5-3.5 m (24 mm (with wide panel))
F4.0: 0.7-7 m (35 mm (without wide panel))/0.5-5 m (24 mm (with wide panel))
F2.8: 1.0-10 m (35 mm (without wide panel))/0.7-7 m (24 mm (with wide panel))
• Angle of view of photoreceptor: Approx. 20o
• Minimum auto-effective distance: (ISO100, m)
0.35 m- (F16/F11/F8, Bounce angle –15o (with wide panel))
0.25 m- (F16/F11/F8, Bounce angle –30o (with wide panel))
°For close-up recording, keep the distance to the subject 1.0 m or less.
• Interval between flashes
four AA size alkaline: Approx. 0.2-4 sec (AUTO)/Approx. 4 sec (MANUAL)
four AA size nicad: Approx. 0.2-3 sec (AUTO)/Approx. 3 sec (MANUAL)



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