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JVC VN-H557U Instructions Manual

Hd ip ptz camera
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For Customer Use:
Enter below the Model No. and Serial No.
which is located on the body.
Retain this information for future reference.
Model No.
Serial No.
IP Address Settings)
Please read the following before getting started:
Thank you for purchasing this product.
Before operating this unit, please read the
instructions carefully to ensure the best
possible performance.



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  • Page 1 HD IP PTZ CAMERA VN-H557U INSTRUCTIONS (Installation/ IP Address Settings) For Customer Use: Enter below the Model No. and Serial No. Please read the following before getting started: which is located on the body. Thank you for purchasing this product.
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions This unit is able to divert lightning conduction to itself and the connecting cables to a certain extent but this is not 100 Consult your dealer as special % guaranteed. For installation locations technique is required when installing that are likely to suffer lightning strikes, be this product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting Started Safety Precautions ..........2 Contents ............3 Features ............4 Precautions ............5 Accessories ............9 Name of Parts ..........10 About SD Cards ..........12 Alarm Input/Output Signal ....... 13 Camera Setting Requirements Operating Environment ........14 Network ............
  • Page 4: Features

    Features Privacy Mask function This function allows you to blank out areas that you do not wish to display in the location to be recorded. Support for PoE (Power over Ethernet) This camera supports PoE (IEEE802.3af) and Motion Detection Feature enables power supply through a LAN cable.
  • Page 5: Precautions

    Tool”, and “README” (txt). Symbols used in this manual Storage and Operating Environment Note : States precautions to be taken during VN-H557U is an indoor camera. It cannot be used operation. outdoors. Memo : States restrictions on the functions or VN-H557U can be used as a pendant mount use of this equipment.
  • Page 6 Transportation Maintenance Do not throw away the original box of the unit. Turn off the power before performing Keep it and use it for transporting the unit in maintenance. future. Wipe using a soft cloth. Wiping with thinner or benzene may melt or tarnish its surface.
  • Page 7: Auto Focus

    Make sure that the orientation is correct when Auto Focus you insert the SD card. Inserting the card forcibly Auto Focus operation can be performed on this in the wrong orientation may damage the product after the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) operation camera or the SD card.
  • Page 8 The video standard of this product is set to Others “NTSC” by default. If your region uses the PAL This camera will perform the initial operation of format, you can switch to “PAL” on the pan/tilt/zoom upon powering on. [Maintenance] page. Do not subject the lens to strong light source Flicker can be reduced by setting to “PAL”...
  • Page 9: Accessories

    Accessories Before starting an important recording, be sure to perform a test recording in order to confirm that a normal recording is possible. Before mounting this product, please check to We shall not be liable for the loss of recordings ensure that all the following accessories and or opportunities in the event that recording attachments are available.
  • Page 10: Name Of Parts

    Name of Parts A Cable cover Remove the cable cover during installation or connection. VN-H557U To mount the camera with the cables pulled out from the side, remove the center window cover. Camera When attaching the cable cover, pull out the center window cover and pass the cables through it.
  • Page 11 Ceiling mount bracket G I/O Connector Connect an audio cable or alarm signal cable. Signal Name AUDIO IN AUDIO IN GND AUDIO OUT AUDIO OUT GND ALARM OUT1 ALARM OUT1 COM ALARM OUT2 ALARM OUT2 COM ALARM IN1 ALARM IN1 COM ALARM IN2 ALARM IN2 COM H [10BASE-T/100BASE-TX] LAN cable...
  • Page 12: About Sd Cards

    About SD Cards Inserting a SD Card Get ready a formatted SD card in advance. Inserting the SD card in the wrong orientation may This camera enables recorded videos to be saved damage the camera or the SD card. Before to the SD card (sold separately) inserted into the inserting a SD card, ensure that the orientation is card slot.
  • Page 13: Alarm Input/Output Signal

    Alarm Input/Output Signal Alarm Output Signal Connect to alarm devices such as alarm, indicator, light or buzzer. Alarm Input Signal Alarm output signal is an open collector output insulated with photo coupler. Connect to sensors such as infrared sensors, door sensors, metal sensors and manual switches.
  • Page 14: Operating Environment

    Operating Environment Network Ensure that there is sufficient network Recommended Computer bandwidth for the data volume to be sent out by Specifications the camera. Do not send multicast stream that : Windows 8 Pro, Windows 7 exceeds the bandwidth. If the entire bandwidth Professional (SP1), Windows XP is used by the multicast stream, control of this Professional, or Home Edition...
  • Page 15 Network Jitter User Name : admin When there is considerable network jitter, delay Password : jvc time may be prolonged and the image frame rate This camera fulfills the ONVIF Profile S. may drop. In the case of H.264, noise interference may occur and playback may fail.
  • Page 16: Images

    Images Uploading and Downloading of the Language File You can change the language on settings page and H.264 Profiles “Built-in Viewer” of the camera. The camera supports both the H.264 Baseline Profile and H.264 High Profile standards. Procedure High Profiles can maintain high image quality with 1 Open the Settings page.
  • Page 17: Pages Available To Each User

    There are three access authorization levels to the [Protocol] camera. The factory settings are as follows. admin [Multicast] All operations and setting changes are allowed. [Access Restrictions] (Default Password: “jvc”) [Time] operator [Password] The following items cannot be operated, and setting changes are not permitted. [Basic [Maintenance]...
  • Page 18: Installation And Connection Preparations

    Set up an IP address by either using wire (ceiling) into the ceiling. the JVC-VN-IP SettingTool (included on the supplied CD-ROM) or turning the power supply of each camera on separately to avoid duplication.
  • Page 19 5 Remove the protective sheet attached Alarm signal cable to use to the lens. Length of 50 m or shorter Note : UL1007, UL1015 or equivalent products If there is a possibility that the lens may be AWG#28 to AWG#20 or equivalent scratched while work is in progress, remove the products protective sheet only when you are about to turn...
  • Page 20: Mounting The Camera

    Mounting the Camera 4 Fix the camera on the ceiling mount bracket using the provided screw (M4). 1 Insert a SD card. To record to an SD card, insert the SD card in advance. (A p.12 [Inserting a SD Card] ) 2 Mount the camera onto the ceiling mount bracket.
  • Page 21: Ip Address Settings

    Configure the Internet Explorer settings in order duplication. Set up an IP address by either using to establish connection between the computer the JVC-VN-IP SettingTool (included on the and the camera. supplied CD-ROM) or turning the power supply of each camera on separately to avoid duplication.
  • Page 22: Step2 Internet Explorer Setting

    Step2 Internet Explorer Setting Select [Enable]. 1 Launch the Internet Explorer on the computer. 2 When proxy settings are enabled in the Internet Explorer, follow the steps below to disable the proxy of the Internet Explorer. A Select in the sequence of [Tools]-[Internet 4 If ActiveX controls and plug-ins of Options]-[Connections]-[LAN Settings].
  • Page 23: Step3 Connecting The Camera To The Computer

    [YES] button to proceed. 2 Enter the user name and password (login as “admin”). A Enter the user name. (default password is “admin”) B Enter a password. (default password is “jvc”) C Click OK. Step2 Internet Explorer Setting...
  • Page 24: Step4 Ip Address Setting For The Camera

    Access the [TOOL_E] folder of the supplied When selecting “DHCP Disable”: CD-ROM disc, and search for the camera in Select “DHCP Disable” for the [Network] option. the LAN using the “JVC-VN-SearchTool” of Then, enter required values in [IP Address], this folder. [Subnet Mask], and [Default Gateway].
  • Page 25 Setting Using Internet Explorer B Select [Time Zone]. Configure the picture quality and alarm settings C Click to confirm. using the Internet Explorer. Memo : For more details, refer to the “Setting Using Internet Explorer” in “INSTRUCTIONS” of the supplied For information on the network settings, please CD-ROM.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    N If you have a computer connected to the same the resistance and prevent the voltage from being LAN, search for the IP address using properly supplied.) “JVC-VN-SearchTool” on the computer. N Connect using a cable with a thickness/length specified for this product. (A p.18 [Installation and Connection I cannot display the Settings page of the camera.
  • Page 27 A white zone appears in the Built-in Viewer. Multicast images do not play. For some computers, if [Start]-[Control N Start manual multicast transmission from the [Multicast] page of the camera. Panel]-[Adjust screen resolution]-[Make text and For more details, refer to the “[Multicast] Page” other items larger or smaller] is set to “Medium - in “INSTRUCTIONS”...
  • Page 28 Videos sent via TCP do not play. I cannot receive an alarm via TCP/UDP. The camera can transmit a maximum of 40 videos The port may be blocked by the Windows via TCP, and a maximum of 20 Built-in Viewer can Firewall.
  • Page 29 The camera pans automatically Video recording and playback cannot be performed when a SD card formatted on the VN-H37U/VN-H57U series is used. When [Auto Cleaning] is set to “ON”, this is not an abnormality. The SD cards formatted on the VN-H37U/ N Check the current settings of [Auto Cleaning].
  • Page 30: Consumable Parts

    Consumable Parts The following are consumable parts. They must be replaced once they reach their lifetime. The lifetime is only an estimation and differs according to the usage environment and conditions. Replacement of consumable parts is chargeable within the guarantee period. Consumable Parts Estimated Lifetime Lens section...
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Specifications Network section Image : JPEG, H.264 High Profile, compression H.264 Baseline Profile Overall format Alarm input : Non-voltage contact signal Frame size : 1920´1080, 1280´960, input (500ms and above); circuit 1280´720, 720´480 (D1), current during low level: 5 mA 640´480, 640´360, 352´240, and below;...
  • Page 32 SD card section Ceiling mounting hole [Unit: mm (inch)] SDHC card (sold separately) Class10 (or higher) SDHC card (16 to 32 GB) テンプレー ト ø 120 (4 46/64) Cards with a guaranteed operating temperature of Camera outer TEMPLATE diameter 85 °C or higher are recommended. カメラ本体外径...
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