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JVC vn-t216vpru Quick Manual

Fixed hd ip dome camera
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Thank you for purchasing this product.
Before operating this unit, please read the "INSTRUCTIONS", "QUICK GUIDE" and
"SAFETY PRECAUTIONS" carefully to ensure the best possible performance.
For Customer Use:
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body. Retain this information for future reference.
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  Summary of Contents for JVC vn-t216vpru

  • Page 1 FIXED HD IP DOME CAMERA VN-T216VPRU QUICK GUIDE Thank you for purchasing this product. Before operating this unit, please read the "INSTRUCTIONS", "QUICK GUIDE" and "SAFETY PRECAUTIONS" carefully to ensure the best possible performance. For Customer Use: Enter below the Serial No. which is located on the body.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ............................ 2 Unpack Everything ........................... 2 Operating Precautions ........................2 Preparation ............................3 Camera Installation .......................... 3 Disassembling the Camera ....................... 3 Connecting the Wiring ....................... 4 Waterproofing ..........................5 Adjusting the Camera Position ....................6 Mounting the Camera ........................ 7 Place silica gel(supplied) ......................
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Do not install the camera in following places use the camera and make sure to send it to the nearest ・ When the ambient temperature rises above or falls JVC dealer for inspection. ■ Real Time Clock below the acceptable range (from -10℃ to 50℃) ...
  • Page 4: Preparation

     ■ Energy Conservation When rights or rights holders are involved with regard to  When the camera is not in use for a long time, turn off the the targeted duplicating subject, permission may be power for safety and energy conservation reasons. required for shooting or using (processing) it.
  • Page 5: Connecting The Wiring

    Connecting the Wiring Connect the power supply cable to the power connectors. Select one of the following options.  Inset power cable for AC24V Connect 24 V (~) cables to terminals ~AC24V.  PoE Connect the network cable to the RJ45 terminal using a switch. Connectors and field wiring terminals for external Class 2 circuits provided with Note marking indicating minimum Class of wiring to be used.
  • Page 6: Waterproofing

    Waterproofing ■Using the duct hole on the side Remove the plug for the duct hole using a flat-blade screwdriver. Note When you insert a pipe, do not insert it deeper than 12mm.  Inserting it further may damage the inside of the unit. If you install the unit, using the duct hole on the bottom or ...
  • Page 7: Adjusting The Camera Position

    ■Waterproofing Filling the duct hole with waterproof seal material (GE silicon) to prevent water from entering. Note Before you fill the silicon gel in the location as figure below,  please insert the cables to proper location. Correctly waterproof all the cables using waterproof tape ...
  • Page 8: Mounting The Camera

    Adjusting Zoom and Focus  Loosen the zoom lever (D) / locking screw by turning it counter-clockwise.  Rotate the zoom ring to achieve the desired picture.  Loosen the focus lever (E) / locking screw by turning it counter-clockwise. ...
  • Page 9 To prevent the camera from falling off, ensure that it is connected to a firm place (ceiling slab or channel) using a Safety Wire (Fall Prevention Wire is not supplied). Warning Pay also careful attention to the length, strength, wiring, and material (insulating properties) of the fall prevention wire to be used.
  • Page 10: Place Silica Gel(Supplied)

    Depending on the material of your mounting surface, you may require different Note screws and anchors than those supplied. If tilt angle is less than 25 degrees from the horizontal, the image can flash by reflection of IR-LED light. Keeping tilt angle over 20 degrees is recommended Note when IR-LED light is used.
  • Page 11: Network Configuration´╝Üsetting Network Camera Environment

    Start Internet Explorer and enter IP address: A login window will appear. Enter the default user name: admin and password: jvc to log in. Images of the camera can be viewed through Internet Explorer. Before viewing, follow these steps to enable the display.
  • Page 12  Click Custom Level. This will open the Security Settings – Internet Zone screen.  Scroll down to the ActiveX controls and plug-ins radio buttons and set as follows: 【Download signed ActiveX controls】 Prompt (recommended) 【Download unsigned ActiveX controls】 Prompt 【Initialize and script ActiveX not marked as safe for scripting】...
  • Page 13 【Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls】 Enable 【Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins】 Enable 【Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting*】 Enable  Press OK to save the settings. Close all Internet Explorer windows and start a new window. This will allow the new settings to take effect.
  • Page 14: Using "Ip Finder" To Search Camera's Ip Address

    Type your setting IP address into the browser. Then you should be able to see the camera image screen. Using “IP Finder” to Search Camera’s IP Address The IP Finder is a tool which helps users to find VN-T16/216 series network cameras in the LAN which your computer is connected.
  • Page 15: Warnings

    2 Warnings Installation and maintenance should be performed only by qualified and experienced technicians to conform to all local codes and to maintain your warranty. DANGER! AC24V models require the use of CSA Certified/UL Listed Class 2 power adapters to ensure compliance with electrical safety standards.
  • Page 16: Specifications

    4 Specifications Operational Specifications Image device 1/2.7-type Mega-pixel CMOS sensor Sensitivity Color: 0.6 lx, B/W: 0 lx (50%) Day/Night True D/N IR-LED Yes (IR Distance 15 m) Auto Gain Control Off/On, selectable Auto Iris Control AES (Automatic Electric Shutter) ATW (2800K~8500K) and Manual White Balance PAL: 1/25~1/10000 sec Electric Shutter...
  • Page 17 PAL: Up to 25 fps Image Frame Rate NTSC: Up to 30 fps Multiple user access levels with password Security protection Users 1 Administrator, 5 Users Video Access from Web Full control of all camera settings available to Browser administrator Windows XP or Windows 7 as OS, Minimum Web Browsing Internet Explorer Version 6.0-9.0,...
  • Page 18 © 2012 JVC KENWOOD Corporation...