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Installation Procedures; Installation Of Outdoor Unit - Haier AP242ACAAA Technical Manual

Cabinet air conditioner
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Installation procedures

Display of whole unit
Try to bring the packed unit to the installation place.
When it is inevitable to unpack the unit, be careful not to damage the unit. Wrap it with
nylon etc.
After unpacking, be sure to put it with the front side of the unit facing up.
Note: When delivering, don't hold plastic parts like inlet and outlet grill etc.

Installation of outdoor unit

Selection of installation place
Place strong enough to support the unit and will not cause
vibration and noise.
Place where discharged wind and noise doesn't cause a
nuisance to the neighbors.
Place where is less affected by rain or direct sunlight and
is sufficiently ventilated, or to install a shield.
Place with enough space for smooth air flow.
Fixing of the unit
Fix outdoor unit using M10 bolt to concrete floor horizontally.
If installed on the wall or on top of a roof, bracket should be fixed securely to resist
earthquake or storms.
Use rubber pad during installation against unit vibration.
Installation dimension of outdoor unit
Facing up



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