Haier AP282ACAEA Operation And Installation Manual

Cabinet type air conditioner
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Operation & Installation
Please read this operation manual before using the air conditioner.
Please keep this manual carefully and safely.



  Summary of Contents for Haier AP282ACAEA

  • Page 1 CABINET TYPE AIR CONDITIONER Operation & Installation Manual AP282ACAEA No.0010575952 Please read this operation manual before using the air conditioner. Please keep this manual carefully and safely. TIMER TIME TEMP MODE TEMP TIME TEMP CLOCK LOW MED HI SLEEP SWING...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Content Operation Cautions Parts Operation Operation hints Energy saving Maintenance Trouble shooting When problems occur Indoor & outdoor unit connection Tools necessary Installation procedures Others 6-11 14-15 17-18 21-26...
  • Page 3: Cautions

    Damaged air conditioners are not to be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier. Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's Guide.
  • Page 4: Cautions

    Always remember to unplug the air conditioner before opening inlet grill. Never unplug your air conditioner by pulling on the power cord. Always grip plug firmly and pull straight out from the outlet.
  • Page 5: Parts

    Parts TIMER TIME TEMP MODE TEMP TIME TEMP CLOCK LOW MED HI SLEEP SWING FAN SPEED Indoor unit Outlet grill Operation panel Inlet grill Air filter [inside the unit] Remote-controller TEMP SWING MODE SLEEP HEALTH FRESH CLOCK TIMER HIGH/SO FILTER LIGHT LOCK RESET...
  • Page 6: Remote Controller

    After power on, the LCD of remote controller will display the previous operation state (except for TIMER,SLEEP and SWING state). NOTE: 1.Single cooling air conditioner does not have the functions related to heating. 2.This kind of unit does not have the following related functions : 3.HIGH/SO button This button is active in Cooling/Heating mode, the fan speed is in AUTO mode after pressing it and "...
  • Page 7: Parts

    Parts 17.SLEEP Button (The clock must be corrected before setting sleep function) Used to set sleep mode. 18.FAN Button Used to select fan speed:LOW,MID,HIGH,AUTO. 19.TIMER OFF Display 20.TIMER Display 21.FILTER Display When the filter need be cleaned, the sign will appear automatically.
  • Page 8: Operation

    +2 C, unit will run in mild DRY mode. In ATUO mode, the temperature setting is not displayed on LCD. In this mode, during running air conditioner will select COOL, HEAT or FAN mode automatically according to the room temperature.
  • Page 9: Fan Operation

    3. Adjust fan speed Press FAN button. At each press, fan speed changes as follows: Air conditioner will run at the selected fan speed. When in AUTO mode, unit will adjust fan speed according to room temperature automatically. 4. Unit stop Press ON/OFF button to stop unit.
  • Page 10: Adjusting Air Flow Direction

    Operation Swing louvers (Vertical louvers) Up and down Adjust the louvers by hand to proper position. Put louvers at up position in cooling and down position in heating mode. Note: This will be helpful to keep an even room temp. Notice: In cooling or dry operation, don't put horizontal louvers at downward position for a long time, or outlet grill might get frosted.
  • Page 11: Sleep Function

    Operation Before going to bed you can press down the SLEEP button and the air conditioner will run so as to make you sleep more comfortably. Before using this function, the clock must be set. Use of SLEEP function After the unit's start, set running mode and then press SLEEP button once to make the air conditioner have the previous-set sleep time (first power-on is "1h").
  • Page 12: Remote Control Unit

    Operation Manual Operation Remote control unit TEMP SWING MODE SLEEP HEALTH FRESH CLOCK TIMER HIGH/SO FILTER LIGHT LOCK RESET CODE Note: After setting TIMER function, the remote controller displays TIMER time. If you want to see clock time, just press CLOCK button once: clock time will be displayed (if you press the button again continuously,you can adjust clock).
  • Page 13: Operation

    Operation Manual Operation Remote controller operation TEMP SWING MODE SLEEP HEALTH FRESH CLOCK TIMER HIGH/SO FILTER LIGHT LOCK RESET CODE 5.Timer setting for TIMER OFF Press time buttons and follow the same procedures in " Time setting for TIMER ON" 6.Time confirming for TIMER OFF After time setting, press SET button to confirm time.
  • Page 14: Operation Hints

    Operation hints Unit operation Protection devices inside the unit will activate to stop unit operation, when ambient temp. is extremely low or high. When unit is running under high humidity in cooling or dehumidifying mode, condensate might appear at outlet grill. 3-min delay protection Unit will not restart until 3 min have elapsed for the protection of the unit.
  • Page 15: Energy Saving

    Energy saving Keep proper room temp. Too cold or too warm is no good to your health, and power consumption will be increased as well. Air filter should be periodically cleaned If air filter is clogged: It will cause poor cooling and heating efficiency, higher power consumption and even problem may occur.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    Maintenance Disconnect power supply Don't splash water directly on indoor unit. This could be very dangerous Air filter cleaning Pull it out from top as shown in Fig. Use water or vacuum cleaner to clean it. If it is extremely dirty, wash it with neutral detergent or soap water.
  • Page 17 Clean it with warm and wet cloth or with neutral detergent, then wipe it dry with clean and soft cloth. If air conditioner is very dirty, clean it with cloth soaked in neutral detergent,then wipe off the detergent with clean water.
  • Page 18: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Followings are not problems Sound of water flowings are not problems. Sound of cracking is heard. Smells are generated. During operation, white fog or steam comes out of indoor unit. In cooling operation, unit switches to fan operation. Unit will not restart after stop.
  • Page 19: When Problems Occur

    Water comes out in cooling/dry operation. Operation is abnormal or sound is heard. If the fuse on PC board is broken please change it with the type of T.3.15A/250VAC. Air conditioner won't start. Is city power supply normal? Power failure?
  • Page 20: When Problems Occur

    Heat pump type:2.0mm Air conditioner must use an exclusive line (over 30A) When installation air conditioner in a wet place, try to use a circuit breaker against Current leakage. For installation in other places, use circuit breaker as far as possible.
  • Page 21: Indoor & Outdoor Unit Connection

    Indoor & outdoor unit connection power cable length Approx Approx 1.5m pipe direction Left Rear Right Bottom...
  • Page 22: Tools Necessary

    Tools necessary Tools necessary 1. Screw driver 2. Hacksaw 3. 70mm dia. hole core drill 4. Spanner (dia. 17, 27mm) 5. Spanner (14, 17, 27mm) 6. Pipe cutter 7. Flaring tool 8. Knife 9. Nipper 10. Gas leakage detector or soap water 11.
  • Page 23: Installation Procedures

    Installation procedures Display of whole unit Try to bring the packed unit to the installation place. When it is inevitable to unpack the unit, be careful not to damage the unit. Wrap it with nylon etc. After unpacking, be sure to put it with the front side of the unit facing up. Note: When delivering, don't hold plastic parts like inlet and outlet grill etc.
  • Page 24: Installation Of Indoor Unit

    Installation procedures Installation of indoor unit Selection of installation place Place where it is easy to route drainage pipe and outdoor piping. Place away from heat source and with less direct sunlight. Place where cool and warm air could be delivered evenly to every corner of the room. Place near power supply socket.
  • Page 25 Installation procedures Installation of fall-prevention fitting metal: Fix the fitting metal to the wall by screws so that there is no clearance between them. With the unit set up vertically, fix the fitting metal to the unit with screws while making an adjustment at the long portion of the hole so that there is no clearance between the upper surface and the fitting metal.
  • Page 26 Installation procedures 2. Piping connection of indoor unit Arrangement of piping and drainage pipe Cut away, with a hammer or a saw, the lid for piping according to piping direction. According to the piping method, connect the piping on indoor unit with union of connecting pipe.
  • Page 27 Installation procedures 3. Piping connection of outdoor unit. Connect the connecting pipe and inlet and outlet liquid pipe according to the piping method. 4.Purging method Discharge the air out of the indoor unit and the refrigerant pipe by vacuumizing (1) Fasten all the nuts of the indoor and outdoor pipes to make these parts out of leakage. (2) Under the condition of the complete close of the indoor and outdoor valve center (both liquid and gas side),dismount the repair valve cap.Vacuumizing through the charge mouth of the repair valve.
  • Page 28: Installation Procedures

    Terminals of same number and same color shall be connected by the same wire. Incorrect wiring may damage air conditioner's controller or cause operation failure. In only cooling type ,the dashed lines are not available. , the power cable is self-provided.