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Haier AP242ACAAA Technical Manual page 17

Cabinet air conditioner
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43 001A1436160
1,The failer rate and the proportion of the spare-part stock are regarded as the reference of the stock for
spare-parts;The first time should be stocked accroded with the proportion of the spare-parts,and it
should be adjusted with the actual quantity 3 months later.
2,easy-damaged;The spare-part which is often damaged and the customer must stock in the spare-parts
warehouse,and should be marked with"*"
3,possible damaged:The spare-part which is not often damaged like the easy damaged one and the
customer may stock in the spare-part warehouse accord with the actual case,should be marked with " ".
4,not need provided :The spare-part which is seldom damaged or the maintenance man could not
maitmains.The spare parts may be air freighted by the factory if they were damaged.The customer nees
not stock in the spare-part warehouse,should be marked with " x ".
5,Above should be improved accord with the reply of the market half a year per time.
6.The spare parts price on net is FOB Qingdao term.

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