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Maintenance; Trial Operation - Bosch BC2680RA Installation Manual

Condensing gas water heater (outdoor installation)
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• The venting system must be examined periodically by a qualified service technician to check for
any leaks or corrosion.
• The burner flame must be checked periodically for a proper blue colour and consistency.
• If the flame does not appear normal, the burner may need to be cleaned.
• If the burner needs to be cleaned, it must be performed by a qualified service technician.
• Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.
• See Owner's Guide for further maintenance or consult Bosch Hot Water for recommended service checks.
Warning: There is a scald potential if the output temperature is set too high.
Should overheating occur, or the gas supply fail to shut off, turn off the manual gas control valve to the appliance.
Do not use this appliance if any part has been under water. Immediately call a qualified service
technician to inspect the appliance and to replace any part of the control system and any gas control
which has been under water.
Periodically check and clean the filter inside the cold water inlet of the unit.
Servicing by qualified techniction should be performed every two years.

Trial Operation

• Preparation ........... (1) Open a hot water fixture to confirm that water is available, and then close
(1) Open a hot water fixture and confirm that the Burner On lamp comes on, and that hot water is
being produced. (If necessary, repeat until the air in the gas piping is bled out).
* White smoke may be noticed from the exhaust vent during cold weather. However, this is not a
malfunction of the unit.
* If an "11" error code appears on the remote controller, turn the unit off and then back on again,
and then open a hot water fixture again.
(2) Change the temperature setting on the remote controller and check that the water temperature changes.
• If the water heater does not operate normally, refer to "Troubleshooting" in the Owner's Guide.
* After the trial operation, clean the filter in the cold water inlet.
Handling after trial operation
• If the unit will not be used immediately, close off all gas and water shutoff valves, drain all of
the water out of the unit and the plumbing system to prevent the unit and system from freezing,
and bleed the gas out of the gas line.
Freezing is not covered by the warranty.
Installation Instructions
the fixture.
(2) Open the gas supply valve.
(3) Turn on the power supply. Using the remote controller, turn on the Power
On/Off button (the Operation lamp will turn on).
Periodically check the following to ensure proper
operation of the water heater.
The installer should test operate the unit, explain to
the customer how to use the unit, and give the owner
this manual before leaving the installation.


Table of Contents

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