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Installation - Bosch BC2680RA Installation Manual

Condensing gas water heater (outdoor installation)
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Securing to the wall
• Installation must conform with all local building, water or Gas Regulations or AS/NZS5601.
• The weight of the device will be applied to the wall. If the strength of the wall is not suffi-
cient, reinforcement must be done to prevent the transfer of vibration.
• Do not drop or apply unnecessary force to the device when installing. Internal parts may
be damaged and may become highly dangerous.
Be sure to do
• Install the unit on a vertical wall and ensure that it is level.
• Insure no additional pressure is applied to the pipework.
• When installing with bare hands, take caution to
not inflict injury.
• Be careful not to hit electrical wiring, gas, or water
piping while drilling holes.
1. Drill a single screw hole, making sure to hit a stud.
2. Insert and tighten the screw and hang the unit by
the upper wall mounting bracket.
3. Determine the positions for the remaining four screws
(two for the top bracket and two for the bottom), and
remove the unit.
4. Drill holes for the remaining four screws.
5. Hang the unit again by the first screw, and then
insert and tighten the remaining four screws.
6. Take waterproofing measures so that water does
not enter the building from screws mounting the
• Make sure the unit is installed securely so that it will
not fall or move due to vibrations or earthquakes.
Installation Instructions
Location of Screw Hole
Mounting Bracket
Locating Screw Holes
Anchoring Screw


Table of Contents

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