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Bosch 13P Installation & Operating Instructions Manual

Continuous flow gas water heater
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Installation / Operating Instructions
BOSCH 13P & 16P
Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater
Main Cover
Inspection Window
Access Panel
Gas Inlet
A-D Dimensions on page 2 Fig 3
This appliance must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions
AG 601, NZ 5261, AS/NZS 3500.4.2
To be installed and serviced only by an authorised person
This appliance is not suitable for use as a pool heater
The "authorised installing person" is responsible for :
Correct commissioning of this appliance.
Ensure unit performs to the specifications stated on the rating label.
Demonstrate operation of unit to customer before leaving.
Hand these instructions to customer.
Failure to install this appliance in accordance with these installation instructions may
In the interest of continued product improvement, Bosch reserves ther right to alter the specifications
9 708 069 951
Cold Water Inlet
Hot Water Supply
Mounting Point
Horizontal Flue
Fig. 1
and all Local Water, Building and Gas fitting regulations
void warranty
without notice.



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch 13P

  • Page 1 Hand these instructions to customer. Failure to install this appliance in accordance with these installation instructions may void warranty In the interest of continued product improvement, Bosch reserves ther right to alter the specifications without notice. 9 708 069 951...
  • Page 2: Installation

    Installation Install only on an external wall, as close as possible to the most frequently used hot tap. Use a heat shield (accessory item part number 9 708 061 400) if the unit is to be installed on a combustible surface. Allow minimum air gap of 10 mm between the flue and the heat shield, (refer figure 2).
  • Page 3: Characteristic Data

    Characteristic Data Bosch 13P Bosch 16P Pilot orifice diameter mm 0.30 0.30 0.19 0.19 TG & TLP 0.56 Burner Injector Diameter mm 1.25 1.30 0.79 0.75 TG & TLP 2.25 Minimum water pressure for maximum water flow 100 kPa 150 kPa Maximum water flow litres per minute @ 25°C rise...
  • Page 4: Commissioning

    Operating instructions Procedure to light the appliance. Fig. 4 To ensure that the water, at maximum water flow, will be of adequate temperature for sanitary purposes ( approx 40°C ), the appliance must be adjusted by the plumber at the time of installation.
  • Page 5: Water Flow

    The water flow must be adjusted so that when a hot water tap is opened fully the appliance has enough time to heat the water as it passes through the heat exchanger. Open a hot water tap fully and adjust the water flow rate to the maximum rate. Bosch 13P 13 litres / minute Bosch 16P 16 litres / minute In cool areas where the cold water temperature drops below 15°C in Winter it will be...
  • Page 6: Burner Pressure Adjustment

    Commissioning Burner Pressure Adjustment With the gas supply turned off, loosen the captive screw in burner pressure test point ( Position A Figure 6 ) on the left hand side of the burner manifold. Attach a "U" tube manometer , turn on the gas supply and light appliance. Open a hot water tap to draw off more than 10 litres a minute ( in summer or when the inlet cold water is above 15°C it may be necessary to temporarily increase the maximum water flow to compensate for the thermostat turning down the gas rate )
  • Page 7: Thermostat Setting

    Method :- Step 1. Adjust maximum water flow to 10 -13 litres a minute ( Bosch 13P ) or 13-16 litres a minute (Bosch 16P ). Water Flow Adjust using the slotted head screw in the base of the d ustment Screw brass water valve.
  • Page 8 Clearance of flue terminals T = Flue Terminal M = Gas Meter Shaded area indicates prohibited area I = Mechanical air inlet P = Electrical meter or fuse box W = Window Item Minimum Clearance Natural draft assisted Below eaves, balconies and other projections Appliances up to 50MJ/h input Appliances over 50 MJ/h input From the ground, above a balcony or other surface...
  • Page 9: Water Quality

    Where uncertainty exists concerning water quality, intending appliance users should seek a water analysis from the water supplying authority and in cases where it is established that the water supply does not meet the quality requirements of the water quality table, the Bosch warranty would not apply.
  • Page 10: Warranty Details

    1. Warranty Bosch offers, at its option, to repair or exchange this Bosch hot water unit or the relevant part listed in clause 2 below at no charge, if it becomes faulty or defective in manufacture or materials during the warranty period also stated in clause 2.
  • Page 11 (b) All warranty service calls must conducted by an authorised Bosch service agent. (c) Invoices for attendance and repair of a hot water unit by third parties not authorised by Bosch will not be accepted for payment by Bosch.

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