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Installation Clearances - Bosch BC2680RA Installation Manual

Condensing gas water heater (outdoor installation)
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• Install the water heater in a location where it is free from obstacles and
stagnant air.
• Consult with the customer concerning the location of installation.
• Do not install the water heater near staircases or emergency exits.
• Do not install the water heater where the exhaust will blow on outer
walls or material not resistant to heat. Also consider the surrounding
trees and animals.
The heat and moisture from the water heater may cause discoloration of
walls and resinous materials, or corrosion of aluminium materials.
• Do not locate the vent termination directed towards a window or any
other structure which has glass or wired glass facing the termination.
• Install in a location where the exhaust gas flow will not be affected by
fans or range hoods.
• Take care that noise and exhaust gas will not affect neighbours.
• Avoid installation where the unit will be exposed to excessive winds.
• Before installing, make sure that the vent termination will have the proper
clearances according to AS/NZS5601, or your local authority.
• On combustible surfaces e.g. weatherboards etc. it is not required to
install a fire proof back board.

Installation Clearances

Before installing, check for the following:
The location of the flue terminal must comply with the clearances shown on this page. If you are
unsure about clearances not indicated here, in general refer to AS/NZS5601, or your local authority.
In Western Australia refer to the WA Office of Energy rules and regulations.
Flue outlet must be free from any combustible material.
Installation Instructions


Table of Contents

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