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Pioneer DDJ-RR Operating Instructions Manual

Dj controller
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DJ controller
For FAQs and other support information for this product, visit the above site.

Operating Instructions


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Pioneer DDJ-RR

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    DJ controller DDJ-RR For FAQs and other support information for this product, visit the above site. Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    About trademarks and registered trademarks ........34 Cautions on copyrights ................34 How to read this manual ! Thank you for buying this Pioneer DJ product. Be sure to read both this manual and the Operating Instructions (Quick Start Guide). Both contain important information that you should understand before using this product.
  • Page 3: Before Start

    This unit is a dedicated controller equipped with interfaces for the intuitive operation of various functions of rekordbox dj. The layout of the various operation interfaces such as “BIGJOG,” “PERFORMANCE PADS,” and “2-CHANNEL MIXER” which embody the design philosophy of Pioneer DJ profes- sional equipment and the tuning implemented to achieve operation optimal for use in combination with rekordbox dj have facilitated high response performance to allow DJs to perform as they wish.
  • Page 4: What's In The Box

    If there are irregularities with the AC adapter or power plug, ask your provided on the last page of both the English and French versions nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out of the “Operating Instructions (Quick Start Guide)”.
  • Page 5: Installing Rekordbox

    Installing rekordbox rekordbox is a composite software that enables track management and DJ performances. The DJ performance function of rekordbox is called rekordbox dj. Enter the license key shown on the rekordbox dj license key card included with this product to use rekordbox dj. Minimum operating environment Before installing rekordbox for rekordbox...
  • Page 6: About The Installation Procedure

    3 Read the terms of the license agreement carefully, About the installation procedure and if you agree, select [Agree], then click [Next]. The installation procedure depends on the operating system (OS) on the computer you are using. Do not connect this unit and the computer until installation is completed.
  • Page 7: Part Names And Functions

    Part names and functions Top panel of unit 1 Browser section 2 Deck section 3 Mixer section 4 Effect section Browser section 3 BACK button Press: Moves the cursor between the tree view and track list each time the button is pressed. ! When the playlist palette is displayed, the cursor moves between playlists in addition to the tree view and track list.
  • Page 8 Switches the loop saved in the track between active and non-active. Deck section (Active Loop) ! If you press the button while pressing the [SHIFT] button during This section is used to control the four decks. The buttons and controls playback, the loop set closest to the playback position among the for operating decks 1 and 3 are located on the left side of the controller, loops saved in the track will be active.
  • Page 9: Shift Button

    Recording operation information (sequence) is started if the sampler [SHIFT] + press: is operated when the sequencer is on standby for recording. Press Sets the deck whose button is pressed as the master deck for the button again to stop recording. synchronization.
  • Page 10: Mixer Section

    8 Crossfader Mixer section Outputs the sound assigned with the crossfader assign switch. [SHIFT] + move: Uses the crossfader start function. = Using the crossfader start function (p. 23 ) 9 MASTER LEVEL control Adjusts the master sound level output. a Master level indicator Displays the master output’s audio level.
  • Page 11: Effect Section

    Effect section Jog dial display section The effect units consist of beat FX and release FX. This section is used to control the two effect units (FX1 and FX2). There are controls and buttons for operating FX1 on the left side of the con- troller and FX2 on the right side of the controller.
  • Page 12: Rear Panel

    Rear panel ! Different input sources cannot be selected for both channels. 1 Kensington security slot 7 PC MIX switch 2 BOOTH output terminal Switch the audio route of the external device connected to the These are the output terminals for a booth monitor. Compatible with [PHONO/LINE] input terminal or [MIC] input terminal of this device.
  • Page 13: Connections

    Connections ! Connect the power cord after all the connections between devices ! Do not pull out the AC adapter during operation. If the AC adapter is have been completed. pulled out, this unit restarts by using USB bus power. Be sure to set the unit to standby mode and unplug the power cord ! Connect this unit and the computer directly using the included USB from the power outlet before making or changing connections...
  • Page 14: Connecting Output Terminals

    Connecting output terminals Rear panel Component, amplifier, powered speaker, etc. Power amplifier (for booth monitor), Power amplifier, Powered speakers, etc. powered speakers, etc. Front panel Headphones...
  • Page 15: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Connections 1 Connect headphones to one of the [PHONES] output 5 Connect the AC adapter. terminals. To power outlet Connect headphones with an impedance of 32 W or higher. Headphones Power cord (included) with an impedance less than 32 W are not supported. AC adapter (included) 2 Connect devices such as powered speakers, a power amplifier, and components to the [MASTER 1] or...
  • Page 16: Starting The System

    This driver software is an exclusive driver for outputting audio signals — For Mac OS X from the computer. Open the [Applications] folder in Finder, then click the [rekord- Select [DDJ-RR] from the pull-down menu and click box] icon. — For Windows 10/8.1 [Install] in the audio driver installation screen.
  • Page 17  Installation procedure (Windows) Adding music files to [Collection] Do not connect this unit and the computer until installation is [Collection] is a screen for displaying a list of the music files managed completed. by rekordbox. Registering the music files on the computer as the music collection of ! Log on as the user which was set as the computer’s administrator rekordbox and then analyzing them enables those tracks to be used with before installing.
  • Page 18: Quitting The System

    2 Press the [PLAY/PAUSEf] button to play the track. 3 Move the channel fader away from you. 4 Turn the [TRIM] control. Adjust [TRIM] so that the orange indicator on the channel level indicator lights at the peak level. 5 Turn the [MASTER LEVEL] control to adjust the audio level of the speakers.
  • Page 19: Advanced Operation

    Advanced Operation The descriptions from this point on are for functions that are specific 2 Press the [LOOP IN] button during playback, and then for when this unit and rekordbox dj are used in combination and are press the [LOOP OUT] button. not described in the rekordbox Operating Instructions.
  • Page 20: Using The Sampler Function

     About slicer mode and slicer loop mode 2 Press performance pad 8. The pad FX effect that was on up until now turns off and the release FX effect is added. Slicer mode When the playback position advances to the end of the range that has been sliced into eight equal sections, the range shown on the display Using the Slicer function switches to the next eight sliced sections, and these sliced sections...
  • Page 21  Loading the slicer target area in sampler slots page7 4 beats/8 beats/16 beats/8 bars page8 8 beats/16 beats/8 bars/16 bars 1 Press the [SLICER] mode button while pressing the page9 16 beats/8 bars/16 bars/32 bars [SHIFT] button during track playback. For example, when set to “1 beat from 1/8 beat”, the pad’s setting is as The mode switches to the slicer loop mode.
  • Page 22: Switching The Mixer Mode

    4 Press the [OVERDUB] button. Using sequence calling The sequencer switches to the recording standby state. Up to eight saved sequences can be called and played directly from a 5 Create a performance using the performance pads. pad. Recording of the sequence begins. ! Only a sampler slot with the PLAY mode of the sampler set to 1 Press the [SAMPLER] mode button while pressing the [One Shot] can record a sequence.
  • Page 23: Using The Fader Start Function

    Slip scratching Manual slip looping 1 Check that VINYL mode is on. 1 Press the [SLIP] button. While pressing the [SHIFT] button, check that the [SLIP] button lights. The mode switches to the slip mode. 2 Press the [SLIP] button. 2 Press the [LOOP IN] button during playback, and then The mode switches to the slip mode.
  • Page 24: Calling Out A Cue Point Or Loop Point Stored In A Track

    Operating beat FX in the multi mode Calling out a cue point or loop point stored in a track 1 Press the [RELEASE FX] control while pressing the [SHIFT] button to switch the FX mode of rekordbox dj to 1 Load the track whose cue or loop points you want to the multi mode.
  • Page 25: Using Recording Functions

    Operating beat FX in the single mode Switching the effect’s tempo mode With rekordbox dj effects, there are two ways to set the beat FX tempo: 1 Press the [RELEASE FX] control while pressing the with “BPM auto mode” and “BPM tap mode”. [SHIFT] button to switch the FX mode of rekordbox dj to ! By default, the BPM auto mode is set.
  • Page 26: Using External Inputs

    Mixing the sound of the microphone Using external inputs Two external input systems and one MIC input system are provided to 1 Connect the microphone to the [MIC] input terminal. connect to DJ players, analog players, etc. The audio of these devices can be output from this unit via a computer 2 Operate the [MIC LEVEL] control to adjust the output or output from this unit not via a computer.
  • Page 27: Changing The Settings

    Changing the settings Launching utilities mode Changing the settings with rekordbox If the utilities mode is launched while the unit and a computer are con- nected by a USB cable, the set status may not be displayed properly. The settings required for the DJ player can be changed with rekordbox. Change the setting items in [Controller] of [Preferences].
  • Page 28  Cross Fader Cut Lag setting Setting items of [DDJ-RR] tab in Adjust the play (cut lag) of both ends of the crossfader. [Controller] Adjustment can be made from 0.3 mm to 5.5 mm in 0.1 mm increments. ! By default, the level is set to 1.0 mm.
  • Page 29: About The Driver Software And Setting Utility Software

     Launching the settings utility software For Windows 10/8.1 From [Apps view], click [Pioneer] > [DDJ_RR ASIO Settings Utility]. For Windows 7 Click [All Programs] > [Pioneer] > [DDJ_RR] > [DDJ_RR ASIO Settings Utility] from the Windows [Start] menu.
  • Page 30: Additional Information

    Additional information Troubleshooting ! If you think that there is something wrong with this unit, check the items below and access the Pioneer DJ site and check [FAQ] for the [DDJ-RR]. Sometimes the problem may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the problem cannot be rectified, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work.
  • Page 31 Problem Check Remedy The indicator flashes and operation — Normal operation can be restored by disconnecting the AC adapter, waiting at is strange. least 1 minute, then reconnecting the AC adapter. If the same symptom persists, disconnect the AC adapter, then request repairs. Operation of rekordbox dj becomes Are you using softwares other than rekordbox at Quit other applications to decrease the load on the computer.
  • Page 32: Using As A Controller For Other Dj Software

    1 Launch a web browser on the computer and access you (both the individual installing the Program and any single legal the Pioneer DJ site below. entity for which the individual is acting) (“You” or “Your”) and Pioneer DJ Corporation (“Pioneer DJ”).
  • Page 33 Pioneer DJ irreparable harm for which money damages alone would be inadequate. In addition to damages and any other remedies to which Pioneer DJ may be entitled, You agree that Pioneer DJ may seek injunc- tive relief to prevent the actual, threatened or continued breach of this Agreement.
  • Page 34: About Trademarks And Registered Trademarks

    About trademarks and registered trademarks ! "Pioneer DJ" is a trademark of PIONEER CORPORATION, and is used under license. ! rekordbox is a trademark or registered trademark of the Pioneer DJ Corporation. ! Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.