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DJ controller
Operating Instructions


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  • Page 1 DJ controller DDJ-RB Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents How to read this manual ! Thank you for buying this Pioneer DJ product. Be sure to read both this manual and the Operating Instructions (Quick Start Guide). Both contain important information that you should understand before using this unit.
  • Page 3: Before Start

    3 Click [Manual]. The unit includes a “2-CHANNEL MIXER,” whose operating panel layout was adopted from the Pioneer DJM series, a world standard design for DJ mixers. The 4 Click the desired language from the list. unit has a “TRIM” control on each channel and a channel level meter located in the ! For information and services for “rekordbox,”...
  • Page 4: Installing The Software

    Installing the software If you are installing rekordbox for the first time or are upgrading from rekordbox 3 or earlier, use the following procedures. If you have installed rekordbox 4 already, update it to the latest version. Before installing the software 4 When the screen for completing the installation appears, click [Close] to end the installation.
  • Page 5: Top Panel

    Part names and functions Top panel 1 Browser section Selects tracks, and then load them to each deck. 2 Deck sections Control two decks. There are controls and buttons on the left side to control deck 1 and the right side to control deck 2. 3 Mixer section Control the level adjustment for each channel, track mixing, etc.
  • Page 6: Sync Button

    8 LOOP OUT button Deck section The loop out point is set, and loop playback begins. When this button is pressed during loop playback, the loop playback can be cancelled. [SHIFT] + press: Cancels loop playback. (Loop Exit) After loop playback is canceled, playback returns to the previously set loop in point and loop playback resumes.
  • Page 7: Mixer Section

    Mixer section Effect section 1 FX ON/OFF button Turns the beat FX on and off. [SHIFT] + press: Switches the types of beat FX. 2 FX BEAT settingc button Decreases the beat fraction for synchronizing the beat FX effect sound each time the button is pressed.
  • Page 8: Rear Panel

    Rear panel 1 Kensington security slot 4 MIC input terminal (1/4” TS jack) Connects a wired lock for the theft prevention. Connects a microphone. ! Only unbalanced input is supported. 2 USB terminal 5 MIC LEVEL control Connects to a computer. ! Connect this unit and the computer directly using the included USB cable.
  • Page 9: Connections

    Connections Before connecting to the device or changing the connection, disconnect the USB cable. Only use the USB cable included with this unit. Refer to the operating instructions for the component to be connected. Power is supplied by the USB bus power. You can use the unit with only connecting to your computer. Connect the connecting cable correctly after checking the place of the terminal on this unit.
  • Page 10: Basic Operation

    In the Windows [Start] menu, click the [rekordbox] icon under [All Programs] > computer. [Pioneer] > [rekordbox X.X.X] > [rekordbox]. 2 On the [Audio Driver Install] screen, select [DDJ-RB] from the pull down menu, and then click [Install]. Preparing rekordbox ! This procedure is required only for the first time to start the rekordbox.
  • Page 11: Adding Audio Tracks Into [collection]

    Reporting your rekordbox usage statistics Loading an audio track into a deck of the unit If you agree to your rekordbox usage statistics being sent to the manufactures, to improve rekordbox quality and specifications, click [Yes] on the following screen. If This section explains how to load an audio track into Deck 1 (left) as an example.
  • Page 12: Closing Rekordbox

    3 Turn the [TRIM] control. Adjust the [TRIM] control so that the [CHANNEL LEVEL] indicator’s orange indicator lights at the peak level. 4 Move the channel fader to the maximum level. 5 Turn the [MASTER LEVEL] control to adjust the audio level of the speakers.
  • Page 13: Advanced Operation

    Advanced Operation ! If the [PAD FX 1] mode button is pressed while pressing the [SHIFT] button, the The descriptions from this point on are for functions that are specific for when this unit and rekordbox dj are used in combination and are not described in the mode changes to pad FX mode 2.
  • Page 14: Using The Sampler Function

     Using the performance pads to play the sampler 3 Click c/d buttons of [ROLL] on the track deck screen of rekordbox dj. Set slicer’s “SLICE ROLL”. The setting value of SLICE ROLL changes each time the 1 Press the [SAMPLER] mode button. button is pressed.
  • Page 15: Using The Slip Mode

    4 Press pad 1, pad 3, pad 5, or pad 7. Slip braking The playback position moves to the left by the number of beats or number of bars assigned to the pressed pad. 1 Adjust the [Vinyl Speed Adjust] – [Touch/Brake] setting 5 Press pad 2, pad 4, pad 6, or pad 8.
  • Page 16: Analyzing Tracks

    When the crossfader is moved from the left edge to the right edge (or from the Switching the effect’s tempo mode right edge to the left edge) while pressing the [SHIFT] button when standing by at a cue, track playback starts from the set cue point. With rekordbox dj effects, there are two ways to set the beat FX tempo: with “BPM auto mode”...
  • Page 17: Changing The Settings

    Changing the settings Changing the demo mode setting Launching utilities mode On this unit, the demo mode is set if no operation is performed for the specific time If the utilities mode is launched while the DJ application is opened, the set status under normal usage condition.
  • Page 18: About The Driver Software And The Setting Utility Software

    For Windows 10/8.1 In [Apps view], click [Pioneer] > [DDJ-RB Settings Utility]. For Windows 7 In the Windows [Start] menu, click [All Programs] > [Pioneer] > [DDJ-RB] > [DDJ-RB Settings Utility].  Adjusting the buffer size When enlarging the buffer size, sound interruption of audio data is less to occur, but it is increased the time lag occurred by the transmission delay (latency) of audio data.
  • Page 19: Additional Information

    Additional information Troubleshooting ! If you think that there is something wrong with this unit, check the items below and access the Pioneer DJ site and check [FAQ] for the [DDJ-RB]. Sometimes the problem may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the problem cannot be rectified, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work.
  • Page 20 Problem Check Remedy Operation of rekordbox becomes unstable. Are you using softwares other than rekordbox at the same Quit other applications to decrease the load on the computer. time? If operation continues to be unstable, try disabling the wireless network or other wireless connections, antivirus software, the screen saver, the low power mode, etc.
  • Page 21: Using As A Controller For Other Dj Software

    Pioneer DJ to aid in installing and using the Program. the download page. 2 “Program” means all or any part of Pioneer DJ’s software licensed to You by Download the driver for Mac or Windows. Pioneer DJ under this Agreement.
  • Page 22: About Trademarks And Registered Trademarks

    Program and Documentation in Your possession, confirming to Pioneer DJ in writing that You have done so. Sections 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will continue in effect after this Agreement’s termination.

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