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AEG BSS 4806 Instruction Manual: General Operation

Bluetooth sound system.
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6 VOL+/VOL- buttons (volume)
7 SCAN button
8 MO/ST button (Stereo/Mono)
9 CH-LEVEL button
10 EQ (Equalizer) button
11 LOUDNE (Loudness) button
12 REPEAT /MEMORY (repeat/Memory) button
13 SEARCH+/SEARCH- buttons (Scan)
/ RADIO+/RADIO- buttons (next/previous track)
14 AUX button
button (On/Off)
First Use of the Device/Introduction
The device is operated primarily with the remote control.
Thus the descriptions refer to the buttons on the remote
control. Some buttons are also on the device. Buttons with
the same name have the same function.
• Select a proper place for the device. A dry, level and slip
proof surface is suitable.
• Make sure the device is vented sufficiently!
• Remove the protective film from the device, if present.
Wall mounting
You can also mount the device to the wall.
Make sure beforehand whether there are cables in the wall
which could be damaged!
NOTE: Check the reach of the cable!
To mount the device, make sure that an easily accessible
plug outlet is available within reach of the power cable.
The distance between the mountings for wall mounting is
400 mm.
• Drill two holes horizontally 400 mm apart.
• Fit rawlplugs and screws into the holes.
• Tighten the mounting screws until they protrude around
12 mm from the wall.
• Mount the device onto the screws. Check that it is secure.
Power supply
• Insert the grid plug into a properly installed three prong
socket with 230 V, 50 Hz.
• Make sure the grid voltage corresponds to the figures on
the rating plate.
Disconnect from mains power supply during longer periods
of non-use.
Insert/Replace Battery in Remote Control
• Open the battery compartment on the underside of the
• Insert two type AAA/R03 1.5 V batteries. Check that the
polarity is correct (see battery compartment).
• Close the battery compartment.
If the remote is not in use for a lengthy period of time, please
remove the battery to prevent the battery acid from "leaking".
• Do not expose the batteries to intense heat, such as
sunlight, fire or similar. Danger of explosion!
• Keep batteries out of the reach of children. They are
not toys.
• Do not force batteries open.
• Avoid contact with metallic objects. (Rings, nails, screws
etc.) Danger of short circuits!
• Short circuits may overheat or even ignite batteries.
This may lead to combustion.
• When transporting the batteries, cover the terminals for
your safety with an adhesive strip.
• If a battery leaks, do not rub the fluid into the eyes or
the skin. If acid comes into contact with the eyes, rinse
with purified water and seek medical advice if symp-
toms persist.
• Different batteries or new and used batteries may not
be used together.
• Batteries must not be disposed of in the garbage.
Please bring used batteries to competent collection
centers or back to the dealer.
SUB-WOOFER OUT Connector (7)
For connecting an external subwoofer.

General Operation

Switch device on/off
• With the STANDBY button (15/1), you can switch the
unit between standby and operating mode. In standby,
the pilot lamp (in Display) lights red.
• To disconnect the unit completely from the mains, pull
the mains plug from the socket.
After about 10 minute without a signal, the device will
automatically switch to standby.
By pressing the VOL+/VOL- buttons (6/3) you can adjust the
desired volume.


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